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Newsletter of April 2014




Database on creep and shrinkage of concrete and concrete structures

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Just Published

Recent publications are notified through RILEM Newsletter, press releases and mailings to our registered visitors.

Recently Online

In this section are listed our publications in our 3 sections: Proceedings, Reports and Compendiums, which were recently published online. As regards the 'Proceeedings' series, the full-text articles are available after a certain delay after the conference, according to the specific wish expressed by the organisers, in order not to divert the experts interested in the specific topic from registering and attending the conference.

RILEM Technical Recommendations

Over 200 RILEM Technical Recommendations have been produced by RILEM Technical Committees. Many of these recommendations have been adopted in research and practice, and are used by international standardisation bodies, as a basis for their work.

State-of- the-Art Reports

These reports constitute a critical appraisal of current knowledge on a specific research subject. They often identify gaps in knowledge, thereby contributing to the development of strategies and scenarios for future research.

Basic documents for publications issued by RILEM TCs: Types of Publications and Instructions to Authors - Reference Style for RILEM STARs published by Springer

RILEM Journals

The RILEM flagship publication is “Materials and Structures / Matériaux et Constructions” (M&S). Since 2006, M&S is published by Springer.
With 10 issues a year, it is a leading international journal, publishing results of current research on the properties and performance of building and structural materials, standardisation of test methods and the application of research results. Another scientific journal created by RILEM in 1999, Concrete Science & Engineering, is now included in M&S.

Conferences and Workshops

RILEM has been organising symposia and workshops since its foundation, with more than 100 proceedings published. A quick glance at our online catalogue shows the diversity, importance and international scope of the topics.

Basic documents for proceedings of conferences: Instructions to Authors (for full text manuscripts) 

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