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Database on creep and shrinkage of concrete and concrete structures

Hosted by Prof. Bazant

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Materials and Structures Details

Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 5 , N° 25
Année: 1972


Nonlinear Water Diffusion in Nonsaturated Concrete
Author(s): Z.P. Bazant, L.J. Najjar
Pages: 3 - 20

Constitutive Telations for Bituminous Concrete Using Double Lap Shear Tests
Author(s): D. Bynum Jr., J.F. Evertson, H.O. Fleisher, D.R. Ray
Pages: 21 - 30

Tests of Composite Concrete Beams with Prestressed Planks
Author(s): P.W. Abeles, E.I. Broww II, C.H. Hu
Pages: 31 - 40

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete - The Effect on Fibre Orientation of Compaction by Vibration
Author(s): J. Edgington, D.J. Hannant
Pages: 41 - 44

Rôle du coefficient de Poisson du support dans les indications d'une jauge à fil résistant
Author(s): D. Jejcic
Pages: 45 - 46

XXVe réunion de la Commission Permanente de la RILEM / XXVth meeting of RILEM Permanent Committee Principales décisions / Summary of decisions
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 47 - 50

Allocution du nouveau Président / Acceptance speech by the President
Author(s): J.R. Wright, RILEM
Pages: 51 - 52

Commission Carbonatation : Compte rendu de la première réunion
Author(s): RILEM TC 16-C
Pages: 53 - 62

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