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2nd Lat-RILEM International Workshop on Materials and Structures (2nd Lat-RILEM M+S)

The Second Edition of the Lat-RILEM International Workshop on Materials and Structures (2nd Lat-RILEM M+S) will provide a forum for international scientists, engineers, companies, and constructors to present and discuss their research topics related to seven themed working groups: 1) Supplementary Cementitious Materials, 2) Design for Durability of Concrete Structures, 3) Waste Concrete Recycling in Concrete, 4) Wooden Structures, 5) Asphalt-based Materials, 6) Waste Valorisation in Construction Materials, and 7) Structural Welding. The First Edition of Lat-RILEM M+S also took place in La Plata in 2015, with around 80 attendants in total. A similar participation is expected for the present edition. Each Working Group meeting, with a duration of half a day, will consist of an introduction and 5/6 short presentations that will be selected among the submitted abstracts, followed by time for discussion and debate on specific issues within the topic.
The Lat-RILEM M+S Series focuses on promoting the interaction among participants to explore opportunities for collaboration. The topics will be addressed from a regional perspective with especial consideration to regional problems and features. The structure of themed Working Groups has the aim of promotion and exploration of opportunities for the potential increase in the participation on RILEM Technical Activities. Initiatives that raise awareness on topics with high relevance for the Region will be especially encouraged.
This event is connected with the IX International Congress of AATH, a RILEM supported event to be held in La Plata, Argentina, 2-6 November 2020. The connection between both events will promote additional discussion and debate on Materials and Structures as a corollary of the preceding Congress, at the time topics in other fields are also covered by complementary WGs.

1) Supplementary Cementitious Materials (Chair: Yury Villagrán)
Characterization of supplementary cementitious materials. Beneficial use of byproducts for cement and concrete production. Influence of SCMs on concrete properties. Blended cements.
2) Design for Durability of Concrete Structures (Chair: Edgardo Irassar)
Design for durability. Service life models and validation. Performance based specifications to further sustainability.
3) Waste Concrete Recycling in Concrete (Chair: Claudio Zega)
Recycled aggregate concrete production and characterization. Properties of recycled concrete. Management and final disposal of waste concrete.
4) Wooden Structures (Chair: Miguel Tortoriello)
Structural design with wood. Monitoring of structures in service. Maintenance of Structures. Building codes and standards. Quality control.
5) Asphalt-Based Materials (Chair: Gerardo Botasso)
Modified asphalts and their performance. Asphalt testing. Asphalt concrete. Performance of asphalt pavement.
6) Waste Valorization in Construction Materials (Chair: Eva Sosa)
Recycling of waste in construction materials. Alternative applications for C&DW. C&DW processing. C&DW in the Life Cycle Assessment.
7) Structural Welding (Chair: María José Castillo)
Design of welded connections. Personnel performance qualification and quality control of welded connections. Inspection, monitoring and maintenance. Non-destructive testing. Building codes and standards.

The official language of the 2nd Lat-RILEM M+S is Spanish, which is one of the official languages of Lat-RILEM. Presentations in English and Portuguese will also be allowed. No proceedings containing the presentations are anticipated.

Friday 6 November 2020
Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
La Plata, Argentina

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

La Plata, Argentina


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