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SMARTINCS Online Open Research Workshop

SMARTINCS will train a new generation of creative and entrepreneurial early-stage researchers in prevention of deterioration of (i) new concrete infrastructure by innovative, multifunctional self-healing strategies and (ii) existing concrete infrastructure by advanced repair technologies. The project brings together the complementary expertise of research institutes pioneering in smart cementitious materials, strengthened by leading companies along the SMARTINCS value chain, as well as certification and pre-standardization agencies. They will intensively train 15 early stage researchers to respond to the clear demand to implement new life-cycle thinking and durability-based approaches to the concept and design of concrete structures, minimizing both the use of resources and production of waste in line with Europe’s Circular Economy strategy. The new generation of researchers will be immediately employable to support the introduction of the novel technologies

This first workshop has the aim to present SMARTINCS to the international self-healing community and interested stakeholders. To this end, SMARTINCS early stage researchers will present their work, along with well-established keynote speakers. Researchers and stakeholders, active in the domain of repair and self-repair of concrete, will be invited to participate in this first workshop organised within the framework of the SMARTINCS project. Since this will be an open event, anyone with an interest in this field will be more than welcome. This will involve a large critical mass to make sure the whole European community will benefit from the research outcomes of the SMARTINCS project.

Monday 3 May 2021
The event is organized online


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