RILEM Newsletter - November 2017

Dear RILEM Members,

Let us summarize our annual week in a nutshell: Two pre-event workshops, 18 sessions, 2 post-event workshops, 5 TC meetings, 5 RILEM standing committee meetings, numerous cultural events, and nice social gatherings and visits …. Those were the elements of the cocktail of events at our 71st RILEM annual meeting which was held at the beginning of September in Chennai, India. It is one of the amazing things about RILEM annual meetings, each rises much above the expectations of the participants and is unique.

This time we were particularly spoiled by our honorary President Manu Santhanam and RILEM Vice President Ravindra Gettu, who had organized the event in such a way that all social happenings were complementary for RILEM members. We had an inside look at the Tamil and Keralan cultures. We were lucky to be at the time of Onam (harvest festival) for the welcome reception. We were greeted by a magnificent pookalam (flower arrangement), we attended traditional folk dances and an impressive show of Kalarippayattu (martial art). During lunches, we discovered the widely varying and exquisite Indian cuisine with different delectable dishes every day. On the technical side, we were impressed by a most interesting multi-material programme centred around most interesting keynotes and congress papers focusing on recent evolutions.

At the annual week, an international partnership agreement with Alconpat was also signed with Prof. Carmen Andrade who is now president of Alconpat and has been a most prominent RILEM past president. It will be a pleasure to work closely with Carmen and Lat-RILEM in the coming years, in implementing this partnership.

At the General Council, it was clear that the association and its publishing subsidiary are doing financially very well. So more than ever, it is a good timing to try new ventures and invest in our future. Some important decisions were made in this respect:  to broaden the free membership of students in North Africa - Middle East and India; to expand the web services after it had been nicely revamped, to include now also services geared for web meetings and e-workshops.

Our open-access journal ‘RILEM Technical Letters’ is flourishing. Two new associate editors were added to the Board of Editors, reaching now 10 associate editors from all over the world.

In Chennai, we also had the fastest ever implementation of a new measure in RILEM, which was instituting a new award for a Student posters. The idea was launched during the Bureau meeting and everyone agreed enthusiastically. Immediately, a jury was formed, and the award was given during the plenary session on the last day of the conference.

As Surendra Shah said in his introductory keynote, our next honorary president Eric Schlangen will have a tremendous challenge before him to come up again with a new format… but for sure the famous Dutch cheese and milk lunches, will bring a special local flavour, and we are sure we can trust the innovative approach of our Dutch colleagues. So, challenging times are clearly ahead with respect to our next RILEM week and having a view on our first ever Spring Convention to be held in Barcelona… More to follow on this in our New Year’s message to come. First, however, please read the detailed report of the Annual Week in Chennai in this newsletter.

Johan & Mark


71st RILEM Annual Week

The 71st RILEM Annual Week took place in Chennai, India and was organized in conjunction of the "International Conference on Advances in Construction Materials and Systems" on 3-8 September 2017. All those present agreed it was a great week, thanks to the organisers!

Please find below the reports ...

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Honors and Awards 2017

  • The 2017 Robert L’Hermite Medal was awarded to Ueli Angst, ETH Zürich, Switzerland. He gave a lecture on « Corrosion in construction» on Thursday 7 September. For the first time, the lecture was live webcasted. But if you missed it, no ...

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Upcoming Spring Convention, Barcelona, Spain, 19-21 March 2018

Mark your calendar for attending the first RILEM Convention meeting to be held next Spring in Barcelona!

RILEM standing committee meetings will be on 19-20 March, on 21 March there will be half day seminar “Advances in Durability and new materials for construction” followed by a technical visit.

TCs are also highly encouraged to join us in Barcelona, it is in fact one of the main aims of the convention to the meeting place four our RILEM TCs during spring in Europe.

See you in Barcelona!

Upcoming 72nd Annual Week, Delft, The Netherlands, 26-30 August 2018

SLD4 is the 4th International Conference on Service Life Design for Infrastructures. The SLD4 conference is jointly organised by Delft University of Technology and Tongji University.

CONMOD2018 is a symposium on Concrete modelling which will be jointly organised by Ghent University with Delft University of Technology. CONMOD2018 is the 5th in a series on this topic dealing with all aspects concerning modelling of concrete at various scales.

A special workshop will be organized on the topic "Concrete Modelling and Material Behaviour" in honour of the retirement of Prof. Klaas van Breugel.

Besides the conference and symposium, the 72nd RILEM Week will take place on 26-29 August 2018 at Delft University of Technology. All the standing committees and some of the active technical committees will meet. If your committee is interested to meet please contact the Secretariat.

For detailed information and regular updates, please check out the conference website: http:/www.rilemweek2018.org

RILEM General Secretariat News Flash

  • The Secretariat welcomed a new staff member in May: Ms. Sarah K Di Giorgio. For those who haven't met Sarah yet, she is in charge of the members. Please contact her if you have any question regarding your membership: s.kdigiorgio@rilem.org

  •  As last year again an Annual report will be published for 2017. Everyone is kindly asked to send just as last year a collection of good illustrations and photos to be taken up in the 2017 Annual Report.  The Annual Report will be ready for the RILEM Spring Convention in Barcelona in March 2018.
  • If you need some flyers and/or Annual Reports to promote RILEM in your conference, please let us know and we will send them to you.

Publications on the website

New Proceedings and report are available on the website:


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