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Two updates about the 75th RILEM Annual Week
Update 1): In view of the complex world situation due to the Pandemic and the difficulties in finding plane flights, permits to leave, etc., the organizing committee has decided to support all delegates by setting the Early Bird registration fee as the only one from now on. No excuses to not register now!
Update 2) Five online PhD courses will take place during the two weeks prior the main conference event. If you are a PhD student or a post-doc, you can register up to a maximum of 4 courses and attend the full conference event for 190 USD. NEW: it is now possible to register up to 3 courses (the cost per course will be 50 USD for PhD students and post-docs, 120 USD for industry professionals), without having to register for the conference. You can check course programs, schedules and teachers here!


... and the debate is open!
What do you think about this travelling house factory? It is adevrtised as a portable precast plant for affordable housing.

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75th RILEM Annual Week, 29 August-3 September 2021, Merida, Mexico
5th RILEM Spring Convention, 15-19 March 2022, Paris, France
More RILEM events  
In view of the current Corona Virus situation, many events might have been postponed or will be soon postponed. We kindly invite you to check with the event organisers the most updated schedule of the event, Thank you!

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