Did you know that...

... you can watch the second chat of the series of interviews with RILEM young members on our RILEM YouTube Channel? The interviewee is Prof. Susan Bernal, from Leeds University. The interview is available in English (“first RILEM meeting: an enlightening and enjoyable experience”, “carbonation is a passion!”, “Fantastic women working in RILEM”, “Networking in RILEM”) and in Spanish (“Desde postdoc hasta coordinadora de un comité técnico: 10 años de RILEM”, “Be brave!”).


ROC&TOK webinar in July
One week left to register for the ROC&TOK webinar on 1st July! The webinar will be presented by Prof. Robert Flatt, ETH Zurich, Switzerland and it is titled “Digital concrete: Dream or reality? New green or ecological monster?” If you registered and cannot attend, please send an email to assistant[@] to cancel so someone else can attend in your place, thank you!


Let's read about sewage!
It is a lovely article, full of amazing historical photographs of the engineering work done to establish the sewage system in the city of Boston, USA. This article also explains how climate change is affecting the stormwater system of this city.

upcoming rilem events

75th RILEM Annual Week, 29 August-3 September 2021, Merida, Mexico
5th RILEM Spring Convention, 15-19 March 2022, Paris, France
More RILEM events  
In view of the current Corona Virus situation, many events might have been postponed or will be soon postponed. We kindly invite you to check with the event organisers the most updated schedule of the event, Thank you!