Free Access papers published by Materials and Structures. They are free and downloadable to everyone, through the journal website or the RILEM page here!


Since 2009, RILEM State-of-the-Art reports are books published by Springer and they are indexed by SCOPUS, Google Scholar and SpringerLink. Anyone can download for free from the RILEM webpage the unedited version of each RILEM STAR, as PDF «unedited version».


TC reports
Journal papers published by Materials and Structures. Some of these TC reports are Open Access.


Topical Collection
It is a collection of TC papers published by Materials and Structures, including recommendations and reports. Currently, 7 Topical Collections are available here.


TC letters
Open Access papers published by RILEM Tech Lett presenting the opening or the closing of a RILEM TC. In the image, the opening letter of TC PEM Processing of earth-based materials.


Springer Proceedings
RILEM proceedings published by Springer can be downloaded for free by RILEM members through their private RILEM profile page; non-RILEM members can purchase the proceedings through the Springer website. There are currently 51 volumes in this RILEM Bookseries, available here.


RILEM Publication Proceedings
Any of the 137 proceedings published by RILEM Publications S.A.R.L. can be downloaded for free (even by non-RILEM members) from the dedicated RILEM webpage. Non-RILEM members need to create a “registered user” account (free of charge).

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