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15 July 2019

2018-2019 Technical Report

We are pleased to present you with our 2018-2019 Technical Report where you can find all information about the work done by our Technical Committees.

In the words of Nele De Belie, TAC Chair: “The TCs form the heart of RILEM, or maybe rather the hands and feet… It is where all the action happens. In a TC, you can discuss with the experts, and experts-to-be, in a specific field. You give and receive advice, you carry out joint research and interlaboratory tests at an international level, you contribute to recommendations that will be used by scientists and practitioners the years to come. In meetings around the world, you discover relevant research tools in your colleagues’ labs, you come in touch with other cultures and make many new friends. To be a member of a TC opens more doors than you could have imagined.”

You can view and download the 2018-2019 Technical Report by clicking here.


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