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07 January 2020

RILEM has been organising symposia and workshops since its foundation, with more than 100 proceedings published. RILEM members can access for free these documents. Non-members need to create a free account.

The Proceedings published by RILEM Publications in 2019 are:

PRO 128: SMSS2019 - International Conference on Sustainable Materials, Systems and Structures (2019) 6 volumes

PRO 130: 5th Historic Mortars Conference (2019); Eds. José Ignacio Álvarez, José María Fernández, Íñigo Navarro, Adrián Durán, Rafael Sirera

PRO 131: 3rd International Conference on Bio-Based Building Materials (ICBBM2019); Eds. Mohammed Sonebi, Sofiane Amziane, Jonathan Page

PRO 132: IRWRMC’18 - International RILEM Workshop on Rheological Measurements of Cement-based Materials (2018); Eds. Chafika Djelal, Yannick Vanhove

PRO 133: CO2STO2019 - International Workshop CO2 Storage in Concrete (2019); Eds. Assia Djerbi, Othman Omikrine-Metalssi, Teddy Fen-Chong

The proceedings of the RILEM and RILEM-cosponsored events published by Springer rather than by RILEM Publications can be purchased directly on the Springer website. RILEM members can access for free to the electronic version of the proceedings from their profile.