The Technical Committees are the heart of the scientific activity of the association. The main forum where RILEM members meet and exchange their expertise. RILEM TCs play a major role in furthering scientific knowledge.


A group of international experts working together in a particular field in order to: 

  • assemble and evaluate research data
  • harmonise testing methods 
  • suggest new topics for research (this research not to be directly undertaken by RILEM TCs)

and to promote their conclusions by publishing recommendations, technical reports or state-of-the-art reports for test methods or construction practice.

Role of the RILEM clusters

A RILEM TC is in direct connection with a RILEM Cluster. This body is entrusted with co-ordinating and monitoring RILEM TC activities, and to advise the RILEM Technical Activities Committee (TAC). This co-ordination is convened by Clusters’ conveners.


Cluster A. Material Processing and Characterization (Convener: Barzin MOBASHER)

Cluster B. Transport and Deterioration Mechanisms (Convener: Esperanza MENENDEZ MENDEZ)

Cluster C. Structural Performance and Design (Convener: Takafumi NOGUCHI)

Cluster D. Service Life and Environmental Impact Assessment (Convener: Alexandra BERTRON)

Cluster E. Masonry, Timber and Cultural Heritage (Convener: Robert FLATT)

Cluster F. Bituminous Materials and Polymers (Convener: Hervé DI BENEDETTO)

Multi-Thematic Technical Committees

Joint Committees