Materials and Structures 7 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 2 , N° 7
Année: 1969


Drying shrinkage of concrete due to capillary actin
Author(s): T.C. Hansen
Pages: 7 - 9

Activation energy of creep of hardened cement paste
Author(s): P. Klug, F. Wittmann
Pages: 11 - 16

Internal friction and dynamic modulus transitions in hardened cement paste at low temperatures
Author(s): F. Radjy, C.W. Richards
Pages: 17 - 22

A study on the causes of volume change of cement paste
Author(s): K. Chujo, M. Kondo
Pages: 23 - 34

Nouveaux résultats et récentes études sur le fluage du béton
Author(s): R. L'Hermite, M. Mamillan
Pages: 35 - 41

Measuring gas diffusion for the valuation of open porosity on mortars and concretes
Author(s): H.E. Schwiete, H.J. Bohme, U. Ludwig
Pages: 43 - 48

Note sur la rupture du béton maintenu à une contrainte constante
Author(s): A. De Sousa Couthinho
Pages: 49 - 57

Effect of high evaporation during and shortly after casting on the creep behaviour of hardened concrete
Author(s): C.H. Jagermann, J. Glucklich
Pages: 59 - 71

The influence of aggregate particles on the local strain distribution and fracture mechanism of cement paste during drying, shrinkage and loading to failure
Author(s): D.R. Mc Creath, J.B. Newman, K. Newman
Pages: 73 - 85

XXIIe Réunion de la Commission Permanente / XXIInd meeting of the Permanent Committee
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 87 - 89