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Use of measured climatic data to estimate the micro environment at buildings

Title: Use of measured climatic data to estimate the micro environment at buildings
Author(s): B. Eriksson, K. Westberg
Paper category : conference
Book title: International Symposium on Intergrated Life-Cycle Design of Materials and Structures
Editor(s): A. Sarja
Print-ISBN: 951-758-408-3
e-ISBN: 235158029X
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2000
Pages: 441 - 446
Total Pages: 6
Nb references: 10
Language: English

Abstract: A large part of the building stock and infrastructure will sooner or later fa11 into disrepair and make the economic and the cultural costs significant due to deficient maintenance. To make the maintenance more efficient and reduce the costs there is a need to predict the service life of building components and materials. In order to estimate the service life of a building component or material the environmental impact as well as the dose-response function must be known.
Many dose-response functions are today available and in this paper we focus on the estimation of the environmental impact. In many countries meteorological measurements have been performed for several years and on many locations. In Sweden meteorological data can be collected for, in principle, any time period in the second half of the century and for several different locations. The number of climatic stations has gradually increased since the first measurements started in the 1860ies and is today around 900. The measured climatic data must be transformed into the actual impact ont0 different building materials. In order to perform such transformations the surroundings of the building as well as the building itself must be considered.
Such calculations have been performed using the European standard prEN 13013-3 and measurements with the Wetcorr technique on a building in the central Gavle, Berggrenska garden. We have used climatic data measured at the official meteorological station north of Gavle, mainly focussing on precipitation and wind.

Online publication: 2000-04-30
Publication type : full_text
Public price (Euros): 0.00
doi: 10.1617/235158029X.081

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