Materials and Structures 119 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 20 , N° 119
Année: 1987


Author(s): M. Fickelson
Pages: 321 - 321

Etude expérimentale du retrait de béton
Author(s): F. Alou, C.F. Ferraris, F.H. Wittmann
Pages: 323 - 333

Numerical modelling of concrete cracking based on a stocastic approach
Author(s): P. Rossi, S. Richer
Pages: 334 - 337

Permissible crack widths in steel fibre reinforced marine concrete
Author(s): P.S. Mangat, K. Gurusamy
Pages: 338 - 347

Sollicitations des murs en cas de dégradation locale du sol modélisée par la variation de la raideur du sol et de son volume
Author(s): Z. Wisniewski
Pages: 348 - 360

Use of rice husk ash in sandcrete blocks for masonry units
Author(s): M.A. Rahman
Pages: 361 - 366

Permanent-magnet Hall-sensor measuring system for the study of the relative axial and radial displacements between concrete and reinforcing steel
Author(s): G. Gunter, G. Mehlhorn
Pages: 367 - 369

Low-cost test rig for structural engineering tests
Author(s): I.A. Allotey
Pages: 370 - 373

Report on 4th RILEM international symposium on creep and shrinkage of concrete: mathematical modelling
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 375 - 376

TC-68-HMM Task group 3 Mathematical modelling of hydration of cement: Hydration of dicalcium oxide
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 377 - 382

TC-31-PCM Summary of work Performance criteria for building materials
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 383 - 393

TC-31-PCM Summary of work Conclusions for structural analysis and for formulation of standard design recommendations
Author(s): RILEM
Pages: 395 - 398