Materials and Structures 176 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 28 , N° 176
Année: 1995


Author(s): M. Brusin

Chloride attach of reinforced concrete: an overview
Author(s): A. Neville
Pages: 63 - 70

Perspectives nouvelles pour la prise en compte des alcali-réactions dans le calcul des structures
Author(s): B. Capra, J.-P. Bournazel
Pages: 71 - 73

Determining the minimum crack width that can be detected using the impact-echo method. Part 1: Experimental study
Author(s): C.-C. Cheng, M. Sansalone
Pages: 74 - 82

Rate effect on interfacial response between fibres and matrix
Author(s): A. Pacios, C. Ouyang, S.P. Shah
Pages: 83 - 91

Gypsum in construction; origin and properties
Author(s): J. Karni, E. Karni
Pages: 92 - 100

EMPA and its activities in the field of building materials, elements and structures
Author(s): F. Eggimann, U. Meier, H. W. Fritz
Pages: 101 - 124