Materials and Structures 217 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 32 , N° 217
Année: 1999


Author(s): F. Wittmann
Pages: 162 - 162

TC 116-PCD: Permeability of concrete as a criterion of its durability Final report: Concrete durability - An approach towards performance testing
Author(s): RILEM TC 116-PCD
Pages: 163 - 173

Recommendation of TC 116-PCD: Tests for gas permeability of concrete - Preconditioning of concrete test specimens for the measurement of gas permeability and capillary absorption of water - Measurement of the gas permeability of concrete by the RILEM - CEMBUREAU method - Determination of the capillary absorption of water of hardened concrete
Author(s): RILEM TC 116-PCD
Pages: 174 - 179

Modelling of the processes during steady-state migration tests: Quantification of transference numbers
Author(s): M. Castellote, C. Andrade, C. Alonso
Pages: 180 - 186

Modelling cement microstructure: pixels, particles, and property prediction
Author(s): D. P. Bentz
Pages: 187 - 195

Analytical study on the cracking transition of concrete shear key
Author(s): Yoshio Kaneko, H. Mihashi
Pages: 196 - 202

The role of silica fume in the direct tensile strength of cement-based materials
Author(s): H. Toutanji, J. Smith, T. El-Korchi
Pages: 203 - 209

Size effect and boundary conditions in the Brazilian test: Experimental verification
Author(s): C. Rocco, G. V. Guinea, J. Planas, M. Elices
Pages: 210 - 217

Energy dissipation and the deformation resistance of bituminous mixtures
Author(s): I. Widyatmoko, C. Ellis, J. M. Read
Pages: 218 - 223

Molecular weight distribution of regular asphalts from dynamic material functions
Author(s): L. Zanzotto, J. Stastna, S. Ho
Pages: 224 - 229

AFREM test procedures concerning chlorides in concrete: Extraction and titration methods
Author(s): T. Chaussadent, G. Arliguie
Pages: 230 - 234

Laboratory investigation of rheological properties and scaling resistance of self-consolidating concrete
Author(s): D. Beaupré, P. Lacombe, K. H. Khayat
Pages: 235 - 240