Materials and Structures 234 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 33 , N° 234
Année: 2000


Author(s): S. Mindess
Pages: 602 - 602

Recommendations of RILEM TC 154-EMC: Electrochemical techniques for measuring metallic corrosion Test methods for on site measurement of resistivity of concrete
Author(s): RILEM TC 154-EMC
Pages: 603 - 611

Recommendations of RILEM TC 167-COM: Characterization of old mortars Quantitative analysis of historical mortars using optical microscopy
Author(s): RILEM TC 167-COM
Pages: 612 - 617

Effectiveness of surface coatings to protect reinforced concrete in marine environments
Author(s): M. P. M.C. Rodrigues, M. R. N. Costa, A. M. Mendes, M. I. Eusébio Marques
Pages: 618 - 626

Investigation on mechanical properties of young concrete
Author(s): X. Jin, Z. Li
Pages: 627 - 633

Composition of lime-cement and air-entrained cement mortar as a function of distance to the brick-mortar interface: consequences for masonry
Author(s): H. J. P. Brocken, N. M. van der Pers, J. A. Larbi
Pages: 634 - 646

Influence de l'adjuvantation sur les propriétés du béton de ciment poreux et drainant
Author(s): G. Ndjountche Njiki, J. Ambroise, J. Péra
Pages: 647 - 654

Good reinforced concrete in the Arabian Gulf area
Author(s): A. Neville
Pages: 655 - 664