Materials and Structures 245 : Materials and Structures

ISSN: 1359-5997
Issue: Volume 35 , N° 245
Année: 2002


Limit of validity of the moisture diffusivity for the study of moisture transfer inside terracotta
Author(s): M. Diaw, B. Perrin, J.-P. Monlouis-Bonnaire
Pages: 42 - 49

Size effect of test specimens on tensile splitting strength of concrete: General relation
Author(s): Vl. Kadlecek Sr., S. Modrý, Vl. Kadlecek Jr.
Pages: 28 - 34

Weathering of vegetable fibre-clinker free cement composites
Author(s): H. Savastano, Jr., V. M. John, V. Agopyan, O. Pellegrino Ferreira
Pages: 64 - 68

Nonlinear dynamic moduli in asphalt
Author(s): J. Stastna, K. Jorshari, L. Zanzotto
Pages: 59 - 63

Determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion of high performance concrete from initial setting
Author(s): H. Kada, M. Lachemi, N. Petrov, O. Bonneau, P.-C. Aïtcin
Pages: 35 - 41

An optimised preconditioning procedure for gas permeability measurement
Author(s): M. Carcassès, A. Abbas, J.-P. Ollivier, J. Verdier
Pages: 22 - 27

Strength of short concrete columns confined with CFRP sheets
Author(s): I. A. E. M Shehata, L. A. V. Carneiro, L. C. D. Shehata
Pages: 50 - 58

Fundamental study of early age concrete behaviour as a basis for durable concrete structures
Author(s): G. De Schutter
Pages: 15 - 21

RILEM TC 160-MLN 'Methodology for life prediction of concrete structures in nuclear power plants' Probabilistic methods for assessing current and future performance of concrete structures in nuclear power plants
Author(s): RILEM TC 160-MLN, M. Ciampoli, B. R. Ellingwood
Pages: 3 - 14

Author(s): M. Brusin
Pages: 2 - 2