Influence of industrially produced recycled aggregates on flow properties of concrete

Title: Influence of industrially produced recycled aggregates on flow properties of concrete
Author(s): F. Buyle-Bodin, R. Hadjieva-Zaharieva
Paper category : journal
Serial title: Concrete Science and Engineering
Abreviated Serial title: Concr. Sc. Eng.
ISSN: 1295-2826
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Volume: 4
Issue: 15
Issue date: 2002-09-01
Publication year: 2002
Pages: 504 - 509
Total Pages: 6
Nb references: 17
Language: English

Abstract: This research aims at evaluating the main risks for the
durability of concrete made of industrially produced recycled
aggregates called Recycled Aggregate Concrete
(RAC). A characterisation of recycled aggregates is performed
and their peculiarities are highlighted. A comparison
between the behaviour of RAC and that of ordinary natural
aggregate concrete is carried out. The influence of both
the composition and the curing conditions is discussed.
The durability study is focused on the assessment of
parameters representing the porous structure and concrete
characteristics. Because of the high total water/cement
ratio of RAC, their flow properties control their durability.
It is established that RAC are characterised by significantly
higher water absorption and air permeability. The
diffusion of the carbon dioxide is faster, too. That leads to
a weaker resistance of RAC to environmental attacks.
Since the main durability problems are caused by the
fine recycled fraction, its use needs to be restricted.
Another way to increase RAC durability seems to be the
extended curing in wet environment.

Online publication: 2002-06-20
Classification: Scientific Reports
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