Preventive effect on spalling of UFC using jute fiber at high temperature

Author(s): M. Ozawa, Z. Bo, J. Kawaguchi, Y. Uchida
Paper category: Workshop
Book title: Concrete Spalling due to Fire Exposure – Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop, Paris 2013
Editor(s): P. Pimienta, F. Meftah
Print ISBN: 978-2-7598-1074-1
Publisher: Edp sciences
Pages: 144 - 149
Total Pages: 7
Language: English

In this study, we examined the relationship between spalling behaviour and spalling ratio of UFC with three kinds of short fibers (jute, polypropylene, water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol) at high temperature. The heating temperatures were 400°C and 600°C. Although the specimen with jute fiber dosage of 0.19% by volume was occurred explosive spalling, the damage of specimen was slightly small. It appears that the addition of jute fiber to UFC is effective for preventing spalling.

Online publication: 2013
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