Fifteen years of UHPC construction experience in precast bridges in North America

Author(s): Vic H. Perry, P.J. Seibert
Paper category: Symposium
Book title: RILEM-fib-AFGC International Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
Editor(s): F. Toutlemonde, J. Resplendino
Print ISBN: 978-2-35158-130-8
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-131-5
Publisher: RILEM Publications S.A.R.L
Pages: 229 – 238
Total Pages: 10
Language: English

Constant flexing from heavy truck loadings, climatic exposures (freeze/thaw) and deicing compounds – all present challenges for bridge designers and owners who want to provide durable, low maintenance structures. Owners are frequently faced with the need to replace critical bridge components during strictly limited or overnight road closures in order to minimize traffic interruptions and public inconvenience. Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), with its ultra-high strength and durability, is a technology that provides new solutions for these challenges. This paper presents a historical perspective of UHPC use in North American bridges and explores promising new applications for precast UHPC components combined with field cast UHPC connections. This paper presents a review of bridges built with UHPC components over the past 7 years and their current condition evaluations. The fundamentals of the technology, material properties, design details and project profiles are included. By utilizing UHPC unique combination of superior properties in conjunction with precast bridge elements, the bridge performance is advanced, accelerated and improved. Benefits include: minimum interruption, reduced maintenance, reduced joint size and complexity, improved durability, improved continuity, speed of construction, extended usage life and improved resiliency.

Online publication: 2014
Publication Type: full_text
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