Valorisation Addition Dry Sludge Sewage in Concrete

Title: Valorisation Addition Dry Sludge Sewage in Concrete
Author(s): Yagüe
Paper category : conference
Book title: International RILEM Conference on the Use of Recycled Materials in Building and Structures
Editor(s): E. Vázquez, Ch. F. Hendriks and G.M.T. Janssen
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-52-7
e-ISBN: 2912143756
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2004
Pages: 851 - 860
Total Pages: 10
Nb references: 13
Language: English

Abstract: The great amount of dry sewage sludge that is generated and the need to stabilize,
solidify and, whenever possible, reuse it has led us to attempt the application of new
approaches to its treatment.
The search for recycling alternatives for this dry sludge has given rise to the
possibility of their use addition in concrete with Portland cement. Portland cement
mixed with various proportions of dry sludge was studied to determine the compatibility
of the binder with the waste, and also to evaluate the delay in the setting process of
these mixes. Variations were seen in the evolution of the hydrated compounds as a
function of the proportion of dry sludge used.
The addition sludge in mortar and concrete show an adequate mechanical
performance and the sludge reduces environmental pollution by fixing the heavy metals
and organic matter.
We subjected the concrete specimens to different types of accelerated attack in order
to evaluate long-term performance and compare them with the reference concrete (not
containing sludge).
The following tests were made: - Combined wet-dry cycles using fresh water,
seawater and water containing 5% sulphates and Accelerated carbonation.

Online publication: 2004-09-29
Publication type : full_text
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doi: 10.1617/2912143756.094

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