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Polyester mortars with fine tailing as filler

Title: Polyester mortars with fine tailing as filler
Author(s): N. Choi
Paper category : conference
Book title: RILEM International Symposium on Environment-Conscious Materials and Systems for Sustainable Development
Editor(s): N. Kashino and Y. Ohama
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-55-1
e-ISBN: 2912143640
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2004
Pages: 425 - 432
Total Pages: 8
Nb references: 3
Language: English

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine the basic properties of polyester mortars using a fine tailing (FT) from an abandoned mine as a filler. FT with sizes of 10~69? is obtained by the centrifugal separation of tailing (TA), and tested for basic properties such as, particle shape, fineness size distribution, liquid resin absorption and heavy metal leaching. Polyester mortars with FT and ground calcium carbonate (GC) are prepared with various filler-(filler+binder) ratios and replacements of GC with FT, and tested for working life, flexural and compressive strengths. As a result, FT has almost the same properties as GC in terms of particle shape, fineness size and liquid resin absorption. The working life of the polyester mortars is prolonged with increasing filler-(filler+binder) ratio and replacement of GC with FT. The flexural and compressive strengths of the polyester mortars with GC reach maximums at a filler-(filler+binder) ratio of 40%, but the compressive and flexural strengths of polyester mortars with FT decrease with increasing filler-(filler+binder) ratio.
It is recommended from the viewpoint of the strength development of the polyester mortars with FT that the filler-(filler+binder) ratio and replacement of GC with FT should be controlled at 50% or less.

Online publication: 2004-11-24
Publication type : full_text
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doi: 10.1617/2912143640.051

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