A study on effects of Autogenous shrinkage of UHPC

Author(s): Qianqian Zhang, Jianzhong Liu, Fangyu Han, Lihui Zhang, Liang Shi
Paper category: Proceedings
Book title: 1st International Conference on UHPC Materials and Structures
Editor(s): Caijun Shi and Dehui Wang
ISBN: 978-2-35158-164-3
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-165-O
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2016
Pages: 409-415
Total Pages: 07
Language: English

Abstract: As a result of more cementitious materials and very lower water-to-binder ratio, the autogenous shrinkage of UHPC is much more pronounced than with ordinary concrete. In this paper, aggregate size, steel fiber, EA and SRA on the autogenous shrinkage of UHPC on autogenous shrinkage of UHPC was investigated. The results show that increasing the maximum aggregate size has no remarkable effect on the workability and compressive strength, but decrease the autogenous shrinkage of UHPC. In addition, incorporation of coarse aggregate and steel fiber all decreased the workability, but significantly increased compressive strength of UHPC. Incorporation of coarse aggregate was effective in reducing autogenous shrinkage of UHPC. Morover, The addition of CaO-based expansive enhanced the compressive strength, and reduced the autogenous shrinkage of UHPC. However, Shrinkage reducing admixture would decrease the compressive strength and reduce the autogenous shrinkage.

Online publication: 2016
Publication type : full_text
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