Characterization of the tensile response of strain hardening UHPFRC-Chillon Viaducts

Author(s) : E. Denarie, L. Sofia, E. Brühwiler
Paper category : Proceedings
Book title : UHPFRC 2017 Designing and Building with UHPFRC: New large-scale implementations, recent technical advances, experience and standards
Editor(s) : F. Toutlemonde & J. ResplendinoT.Ch.
Print-ISBN : 978-2-35158-166-7
e-ISBN : 978-2-35158-167-4
Publisher : RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year : 2017
Pages: 242 - 250
Total Pages : 11
Language : English

Abstract: The tensile response (strength and deformability) of strain hardening UHPFRC needs to be characterized by adequate test and analysis methods. Inverse analysis methods that do not appropriately take into consideration the influence of the UHPFRC softening behavior on its pre-peak response under bending significantly overestimate the UHPFRC strain hardening domain. Further, the determination of the elastic limit from objective methods remains a challenge. An original simple inverse analysis method has been developed which provides new objective criteria for the determination of: (1) the elastic limit, and (2) the strain hardening response of UHPFRC in the relevant pre-peak domain under bending. The paper reports on the major results achieved in this context, with the background and application of these new methods to the characterization of the tensile response of the UHPFRC used for the reinforcement of the Chillon Viaducts (Switzerland) in 2015.

Online publication : 2017
Publication type : full_text
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