Testing properties of green self compacting concrete for semi - and massive construction

Author(s): Jacek Gołaszewski, Grzegorz Cygan
Paper category: Proceedings
Book title: Proceedings of the 2nd International RILEM/COST Conference on Early Age Cracking and Serviceability in Cement-based Materials and Structures Volume 1
Editor(s): Stéphanie Staquet and Dimitrios Aggelis
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2017
Pages: 329-334
Total Pages: 6
Language : English

Abstract: The paper presents a concept of shaping and testing the properties of green self-compacting concrete (SCC), emphasizing mostly the minimization of the amount of clinker in concrete and obtainment of their low hardening temperature. Ground high-calcium fly ash was used as cement partial replacement. Designed according to the proposed concept SCC are characterised by the low content of clinker, amounting from 60 to 77 kg/m3 and good strength properties. Following properties were investigated: properties of fresh concrete, setting time of concrete, development of concrete hardening temperature, early shrinkage, compressive strength after 2, 7 and 28 days. Methods of testing include complex system joining ultrasonic and laser methods for testing setting time and early shrinkage of concrete. Hydration heat for binders were also investigated. It was proven that by optimizing materials and mix design one can obtain green SCC, characterized by low hardening heat and good mechanical properties in longer periods of hardening. It was demonstrate the usefulness of ultrasonic and laser system for testing properties of concrete in early age. Ground high-calcium fly ash can be used for self-compacting concrete, without negatively affecting its properties after hardening.

Online publication : 2017
Publication type : full_text
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