Effects of super-hydrophobic GGBS on the transport properties of lightweight aggregate concrete

Author(s): Q.L. Yu, Z.Y. Qu, H.J.H. Brouwers
Paper category: Proceedings
Book title: Proceedings of the 2nd International RILEM/COST Conference on Early Age Cracking and Serviceability in Cement-based Materials and Structures Volume 2
Editor(s): Stéphanie Staquet and Dimitrios Aggelis
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2017
Pages: 509-514
Total Pages: 6
Language : English

Abstract: The most often occurring mechanisms of deterioration of concrete are closely related to the ingress of water carrying aggressive species. An efficient strategy to limit the water ingress is to reduce the permeability of the concrete matrix, through for instance the addition of water-resisting admixtures. This paper presents the hydrophobic performance of the lightweight concrete after addition of super-hydrophobic slag powder. The influences of the dosage of the hydrophobic powder on the fresh behavior, mechanical property and hydrophobic performance are studied. With the increase of the addition amount, the flowability of the concrete increases obviously while the density slightly decreased. It is found that replacing Portland cement with 15% hydrophobic slag the lightweight concrete presents the best hydrophobic performance with a water contact angle of 92°. Furthermore, at 15% addition of super-hydrophobic slag, the capillary water absorption and long-term chloride penetration is decreased by almost 90%.

Online publication : 2017
Publication type : full_text
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