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Author(s): Xiao-Yong WANG
Paper category: Proceedings
Book title: Proceedings of CONSEC13 Seventh International Conference on Concrete under Severe Conditions - Environment and Loading Volume I
Editor(s): Z.J. Li, W. Sun, C.W. Miao, K.Sakai, O.E. Gjørv, N.Banthia
ISBN: 978-2-35158-124-7
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-134-6
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2013
Pages: 132-139
Total Pages: 961
Language : English

Abstract: Portland cement is the most common type of cement in general use around the world. On the other hand, ashes from the combustion of coal and granulated slag from metal industry are among the industrial by-products that are suitable for us as mineral admixtures in Portland concrete. Due to the reaction between calcium hydroxide and fly ash or slag, the hydration of concrete containing fly ash or slag is much more complex compared with that of Portland cement. In this paper, the production of calcium hydroxide in cement hydration and its consumption in the reaction of mineral admixtures is considered in order to develop a numerical model that simulates the hydration of concrete containing fly ash or slag. The proposed numerical model has considered the effects of water to binder ratio, slag or fly ash replacement ratio and curing temperature. The heat evolution rates of fly ash- or slag-blended concrete is determined by the contribution of both cement hydration and the reaction of the mineral admixtures. Furthermore, the adiabatic temperature rise in hardening blended concrete is evaluated based on the degree of hydration of the cement and the mineral admixtures. The proposed model is verified through experimental data on concrete with different water-to-cement ratios and mineral admixture substitution ratios.

Online publication : 2013
Publication type : full_text
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