Bridging gaps between scales and disciplines through multi-scale modelling: Basis for innovation

Title: Bridging gaps between scales and disciplines through multi-scale modelling: Basis for innovation
Author(s): Klaas van Breugel
Paper category : conference
Book title: 2nd International RILEM Symposium on Advances in Concrete through Science and Engineering
Editor(s): J. Marchand, B. Bissonnette, R. Gagné, M. Jolin and F. Paradis
Print-ISBN: 2-35158-003-6
e-ISBN: 2351580028
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2006
Pages: 75 - 84
Total Pages: 10
Nb references: 29
Language: English

Abstract: Modern powerful computation techniques, combined with better insight in the structure of materials obtained with the help of new detection and measurement techniques, have created possibilities for new steps in materials research and materials design. However, only a small number of examples can be shown yet to demonstrate how the engineering practice can benefit from these new possibilities. Multi-scale modelling is considered a key-issue in this respect.
In this contribution the role of multi-scale modelling in engineering will be addressed. At first it is shown that the engineering practice already accommodates a lot of multi-scale modelling. Having explained this it is shown that multi-scale modelling, i.e. descending to smaller scales, is not just a matter of miniaturization, but also means entering new research fields. Going as small as the nano-scale will force researchers and modellers to work together with disciplines with which they were not used to cooperate in the past. For individual researchers the cooperation with disciplines outside their own field may include a kind of paradigm shift. How this can be understood with respect to concrete science and technology, and what this means in view of innovation, will be discussed in this contribution. The issue will be illustrated by discussing practical engineering problems, which do require a multi-scale approach. The status and potential of currently used microstructural and multi-scale models in cement and concrete research will be dealt with, as well as their potential use in future research. The potential of nano-scale research for developing self-healing cement-based systems is briefly addressed.

Online publication: 2006-08-02
Classification: 2.1 Theme 1: Numerical Models: from Microstructure to Transport Properties and Durability
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doi: 10.1617/2351580028.006