160. High strength self-consolidating concrete for practical applications

Title: 160. High strength self-consolidating concrete for practical applications
Author(s): S.G. Ladkany, V.K. Doli, T.K. McEwan, N. Ghafoori
Paper category : conference
Book title: 5th International RILEM Symposium on Self-Compacting Concrete
Editor(s): G. De Schutter and V. Boel
Print-ISBN: 978-2-35158-047-9
e-ISBN: 978-2-35158-088-2
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2007
Pages: 1065 - 1070
Total Pages: 6
Nb references: 14
Language: English

Abstract: Experimental investigation of high strength Self-consolidating Concrete (SCC) is presented. The aim is to produce a compressive strength of 69 MPa (10,000 psi) to 90 MPa (13,000 psi) and SCC slump flow in the range of 660 mm (26 in), starting from, commonly used conventional concrete mixes. Constant cement factor of 394 kg/m3 (665 lbs/yard3) is used with addition of fly ash and silica fume along with polymer additives in various proportions. Different water-to-cementitious material ratios ranging from 0.27 to 0.39 are used. The target slump flow is achieved using high range water reducer admixture. ASTM C 192 is used to make and cure concrete while ASTM C 39 and ASTM C 1202 are used to test SCC for compressive strength and chloride ion penetrability, respectively. All tests are conducted using conventional casting cylinders measuring 102 x 204 mm (4 x 8 inches). All specimens are moist-cured and tested at 14, 28 and 56 days.
It is observed that the use of supplementary fly ash and silica fume improves the workability of fresh concrete and enhances strength development.
Final results display impressive characteristic of SCC concrete with compressive strength in the 69-90 MPa (10,000-13,000 psi) range. Mixes exhibit chloride iron penetrability of less than 1000 Coulombs.

Online publication: 2009-06-16
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