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Environmental effects on the aesthetics of building sealants and adjacent substrates

Title: Environmental effects on the asthetics of building sealants substrates
Author(s): A.T. Wolf
Paper category : book
Book title: Durability of Building Sealants - State-of-the-Art Report of RILEM TC 139-DBS
Editor(s): A. T. Wolf
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-12-8
e-ISBN: 2351580419
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 1999
Pages: 287 - 311
Total Pages: 25
Nb references: 42
Language: English

The appearance of any building changes with time as a result of complex processes generally summarised under the term 'ageing'. While sealants can contribute to these processes, many aesthetic issues will appear on a building facade over time with or without the presence of a sealant. Aesthetic issues raised by sealants may be classified into two groups: those that affect the sealant itself and those that affect the adjacent building substrates. Aesthetic issues that fall within the first category are blooming, dirt pick-up, microbial growth, chalking, surface crazing, change of colour, and change of gloss. Aesthetic issues which affect the adjacent building substrates are fluid migration and fluid streaking. In this chapter, definitions of these aesthetic issues are proposed, our current understanding of the mechanisms causing these aesthetic issues is reviewed, and test methods are discussed, which have been used or proposed for the assessment of the aesthetic performance of sealants.

Online publication: 2009-12-07
Publication type : full_text
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