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Title: Introduction
Author(s): C.F. Hendriks, H.S. Pietersen
Paper category : book
Book title: Sustainable Raw Materials - Construction and Demolition Waste - State-of-the-Art Report of RILEM TC 165-SRM
Editor(s): Ch. F. Hendriks and H. S. Pietersen
Print-ISBN: 2-912143-17-9
e-ISBN: 2351580427
Publisher: RILEM Publications SARL
Publication year: 2000
Pages: IX - IX
Total Pages: 1
Language: English

Construction and Demolition Waste

The reuse of recycled materials derived from construction and demolition waste (C&D waste, or CDW) is growing all over the world. Current application is based on an ever-increasing knowledge concerning design, behaviour, durability and sustainability of construction with these materials. Until now very successful results are realised with the use in road constructions, in asphalt and in concrete. The reuse as a raw material for brick production is still under investigation. In general, the environmental impact of the total construction process is improved by applying secondary or reused materials. This is mainly due to a decrease for the need of primary materials, thus conserving natural landscape and existing ecological values. In some densely populated areas, with a limited supply of natural materials, also economics play a key role in increasing the use of alternative raw materials.

This volume consists of two parts. Part one contains a state of the art report concerning demolition, upgrading and applications of CDW. In the second part a review is given of the present situation (up to about 1998) in a number of countries. All members of RILEM TC 165-SRM 'Sustainable Application of Mineral Raw Materials in Construction' contributed. Furthermore, also the members of the recently established European Thematic Network (ETN) on recycling in construction contributed to this publication. The first annex includes the full text of the technical report of the CEN TC 154 "ad hoc group on recycled materials"; a proposal for a European standard for recycled aggregates. The second annex provides an overview of the Dutch quality certification of environmental aspects related to C&D waste. The last annex concerns a state of the art of the use of waste materials that have to be treated by immobilisation processes because of their unfavourable leaching behaviour.

This book does not aim to provide an exhaustive overview of technical aspects related to the application of C&D waste. Those who are interested are encouraged to refer to previous RILEM books on this aspect [e.g. 1; 2], to the results of the 1998 London conference [3], and of course to international literature. Last but not least, the European Thematic Network (ETN) on recycling in construction will maintain a website containing several databases on C&D waste management, processing and applications [4], from early 2000.

The authors hope and believe that this book will be of particular interest to construction engineers, consultants, architects, contractors, manufacturers and authorities who are or intend to be active in the field of recycling.

Charles F. Hendriks
Chairman of RILEM TC 165-SRM

H.S. Pietersen
ETN Recycling in Construction

Online publication: 2009-12-07
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