International Partners



AATH - Asociación Argentina de Tecnología del Hormigón

Nuestra misión es proporcionar un ámbito adecuado para los estudios de la Tecnología del Hormigón, divulgar los avances de esta disciplina dentro de la comunidad técnica que deberá aplicar los resultados de las investigaciones. En suma, difusión de los conocimientos para el buen uso del hormigón.

ACI logo   ACI - American Concrete Institute
Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, the American Concrete Institute is advancing concrete knowledge by conducting 125 seminars annually, managing 14 different certification programs, publishing more than 400 technical documents, and offering scholarships to students in the field. With 98 chapters and about 15,000 members spanning 108 countries, the American Concrete Institute has always retained the same basic mission—to develop, share, and disseminate the knowledge and information needed to utilize concrete to its fullest potential.

Alconpat International - Latino-American Association of Quality Control, Pathology and Construction Recuperation

The history of the International Association ALCONPAT dates from 1991 with the first Latino-American Congress on Pathology of Constructions CONPAT-91 organized by Alumni & teachers of the Master course on Construction -CEMCO- from the Institute of Construction Sciences “Eduardo Torroja”, CSIC located in Spain. ALCONPAT International is a federation of national branches from 19 Ibero-American countries and individual members. It publishes the journal ALCONPAT and pre-normative documents. It is also devoted to education with courses on corrosion and concrete durability. Several awards are delivered every year.


CIA - Concrete Institute of Australia

Concrete Institute of Australia aims to be the primary independent organisation related to the concrete industry in Australia in which everyone who aspires to excellence in concrete technology, application, design and construction will seek membership.
The mission of Concrete Institute of Australia is to promote and develop excellence in concrete technology, application, design and construction throughout Australia.




fib - Fédération internationale du béton

The fib (Fédération internationale du béton / International Federation for Structural Concrete), formed by 43 national member groups and approximately 1,000 individual or corporate members, is a not-for-profit association committed to advancing the technical, economic, aesthetic and environmental performance of concrete structures worldwide.


IAE - International Academy of Engineering

International Academy of Engineering (IAE) was founded on the base of the Academy of Engineering of the former USSR by the National Engineering Academies of the CIS countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan,  Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), which became its founders. IAE was registered by the Ministry of Justice on February 10, 1992 as international public organization that has now its own chapters and departments (branches, representations) in Taiwan, Belarus, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.  The Head office of IEA is quartered in Russia, at No. 9, Bldg.4, Gazetny Side Street, 125009, Moscow.

At present IAE consists of 1300 full and corresponding members from 40 countries. The basic concept of IAE’s activity is to assist in strengthening of the engineering potential of the member countries.

imagem_ibracon_120   IBRACON - Brazilian Concrete Institute

IBRACON, the Brazilian Concrete Institute is an international techno-scientific defense and appreciation of engineering. IBRACON aims to give professionals and stakeholders in the concrete industry and construction in the areas of materials, technology, design, management, control, architecture, structures and buildings, more knowledge through courses, events, publications, certification of personal, technology and scientific meetings, recovery and incentives for research and scientific and technological research and its dissemination thereof.


ICI - Indian Concrete Institute

Indian Concrete Institute is one of the leading professional bodies in India, catering to the professional needs of individuals and Organisations involved in Concrete. It is a non-profit Organisation, dedicated to the cause of Disseminating Knowledge on Concrete, to Promote Concrete Technology and Construction and to address the Research Needs of Concrete. 

ISAP - International Society for Asphalt Pavements
ISAP is a volunteer organization of professionals and experts to promote asphalt pavement technology exchange on a worldwide basis, often in cooperation with other organizations sharing mutual interests. The broad range of member expertise and experience makes committee work especially rewarding.

jci   JCI - Japan Concrete Institute
The Institute, as the parent body for promoting research concerning concrete, has the purpose of carrying out investigation and research on concrete, reinforced concrete, other types of concrete and various materials and equipment related to concrete, and through coordination of investigations and research and dissemination of the results, aims to further research and advances in technology concerning concrete.



KCI - Korean Concrete Institute

Korea Concrete Institute (KCI) is an institution composed of professionals from all fields of concrete research, education, industry, and applications in the areas of concrete material, structure analysis and design, construction, repair and strengthening, and concrete related manufacturing and production. The institution's main goal is to advance knowledges, technology, applications of concrete materials, structure analysis and design, construction, repair and strengthening, and manufacturing. The goal can be made possible by active participations in Korea Concrete Institute by academic institutions, industries, research laboratories, and government branches on fundamental researches, international collaborations, technical instructions, and other programs. By everyone in concrete field working together as one and as partners, we can surly advance concrete technology, researches, applications, and industry-academia collaborations in Korea.




NZCS - New Zealand Concrete Society

The New Zealand Concrete Society facilitates the sharing of industry knowledge, participates in the development of concrete and construction & provides a foundation for building valuable business networks, in New Zealand & overseas. NZCS is a non-profit organisation where members reap the benefits of their combined contributions. It aims to encapsulate the wealth of expertise of its membership.