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10th European Asphalt Technology Association Conference - EATA 2023

EATA is an informal organization of European engineers and scientists involved in Asphalt Technology Research. They hold a technical meeting every two years and publish a volume of the papers which are presented and discussed. Attendance is open to anyone with an interest in the field from around the world. The first EATA conference took place in Nottingham on 6th and 7th July 2004. 

Key Dates

  • Submission open: June 2022
  • Articles due date: September 2022
  • Registration open: January 2023
  • Final decision on articles: February 2023
  • Conference: 12-14 June 2023

Together with EATA2023 conference, three RILEM workshops will be organized. Their practically-oriented content is complementary to the scientific program of the conference and they fit the current issues in the industry. Participation in workshops is free of charge but you must sign up since the space is limited and you must participate in the EATA2023 to join them. You can sign up during the registration process – you can start here.

RILEM TC 308-PAR: Performance-based Asphalt Recycling

Chair: Dr. Gabriele TEBALDI
Deputy Chair: Dr. Eshan V. DAVE
Workshop Date: June 14 2023, 14:00 – 18:00

“New needs and open problems on industrial applications of recycling of asphalt pavements”: this workshop will be focused on the different aspects of the recycling of asphalt pavements from the point of view of industries and agencies. Its main objective is to explore the main problems found by industry in order to identify where future research should be focused on in the upcoming years. Technical and technological aspects of different asphalt recycling techniques will be covered, as well as life-cycle assessments and the environmental impacts of these recycling technologies. The workshop is set to be a meeting point for discussion among academia, industries and agencies, in order to provide an exchange of ideas and a transfer of knowledge and expertise.

RILEM TC 279-WMR: Valorisation of Waste and Secondary Materials for Roads

Chair: Dr. Lily POULIKAKOS
Deputy Chair: Dr. Emiliano PASQUINI
Workshop Date: June 15 2023, 9:30 – 13:00

It is well established that currently a considerable amount of waste is produced and a major part of the resources are wasted through the mainly linear process of material use in our economies. Various types of waste materials such as crumb rubber, plastics and construction & demolition waste have been successfully used in road pavements. RILEM TC 279-WMR aims to develop and broadly demonstrate such solutions in order to promote widespread market uptake. This workshop will bring together several stakeholders including those working within the TC in order to address various aspects pertaining to the use of waste and marginal materials in roads. This can span from choice of waste and marginal materials, laboratory characterization, in situ performance and standardization.

RILEM TC 280-CBE: Multiphase characterisation of cold bitumen emulsion materials

Chair: Dr. Andrea GRAZIANI
Deputy Chair: Prof. Alan CARTER
Workshop Date: June 15 2022, 14:00 – 17:30

Cold bitumen emulsion technologies play a key role in the development of and sustainable bituminous pavements because they allow important energy savings and reduction of atmospheric pollution. However, their application range is frequently limited due to the lack of fundamental knowledge concerning the mechanical behaviour and the long-term performance of CBE mixtures. RILEM TC 280-CBE aims to foster the use of CBE technologies as a sustainable alternative to traditional hot technologies. This workshop will summarise the research findings focusing on the fundamental knowledge related to chemical and physical mechanisms that control the long term performance of CBE materials and on the mix design and performance of slurry surfacings.

from Monday 12th June
to Thursday 15th June 2023
Gdansk University of Technology
Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk University of Technology

Gdansk, Poland

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from Monday 12th June
to Thursday 15th June 2023
Gdansk University of Technology
Gdansk, Poland
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