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11th International Conference Analytical Models and New Concepts in Concrete and Masonry Structures

"The main objective of the Conference is to present and review the latest achievements in concrete and masonry structures modelling and analysis. The three-day conference will be filled with a variety of session formats, with a balance of research and practice to permit the widest possible participation, providing an excellent forum to exchange ideas and to progress the field. The organizers hope that the Conference will be fruitful for the all participants."


Concrete and Innovative Materials 

• Concrete materials
• Concrete in complex stress state
• Behaviour and application of HPC in structures
• Reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
• Composite materials - theory, practice and new standards
• Durable and sustainable concrete design
• Circularity in construction
• Testing and assessment methods
• Cyclic and long-term loading of concrete structures
• Digital construction with concrete
• Low carbon building materials for green construction
• Materials for renovated energy-efficient buildings

Structural Performance and Design

  • Advances in structural design
  • Numerical modelling
  • Models for concrete structures analysis according to new Codes
  • Deep learning for structural engineering 
  • Seismic vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Advanced strengthening and retrofitting solutions for existing concrete structures
  • New trends in structural health monitoring
  • Non-Deterministic models for structural health monitoring
  • Structural behavior and experimental investigations
  • Life-Cycle performance assessment of civil engineering systems

Construction Methods and Management

• Precast and prestressed concrete
• Composite structures
• Building Information Modelling
• Management systems
• New trends in construction techniques
• Digital technologies shaping the construction
• Assessment of existing structures

Outstanding Structures

• Achievements in modelling and design of bridges
• Buildings and bridges
• Tunnels solutions
• Nuclear power plants
• Hydraulic and offshore structures
• Transportation projects
• Foundation systems
• Other special structures

Masonry structures

• Design rules in masonry structures - codes
• Assessment of existing masonry structures
• Modelling of masonry structures
• Historical masonry structures
• Types of mortars of masonry structures
• Structural degradation of masonry
• Existing historical masonry structures
• Probabilistic modeling of aging masonry

from Monday 12th May
to Wednesday 14th May 2025
114 Żeromskiego
90-543 Lodz, Poland


114 Żeromskiego
90-543 Lodz, Poland

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from Monday 12th May
to Wednesday 14th May 2025
114 Żeromskiego
90-543 Lodz, Poland
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