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5th Historic Mortars Conference

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The 5th HMC 2019 will focus on research about aspects concerning technology and characterization of historic mortars, significance of the mortars and conservation and restoration issues in historic masonry structures and archaeological sites, historic plasters, design and preparation of preservation products, repair materials (mortars, renders, plasters and grouts) and test methods (for historic and repair mortars).

The HMC 2019 is open to scientists, architects, restorers, conservators, historians, archaeologists, heritage professionals, companies and cultural stakeholders.

The proposed topics for this edition of the Conference are:

  • Characterization of historic mortars and masonry structures. Sampling and test methods.

  • Historic production, processing and application of mortars, renders and grouts. Lime technologies.

  • Mortars in archaeological sites. Construction history. Archaeometry. Dating of historic mortars.

  • Historic renders and plasters. Gypsum-based plasters and mortars. Adobe and mud mortars. Rammed earth constructions. Natural and Roman cement mortars. Assessment.

  • Conservation issues concerning mortars, plasters, renders and grouts. Diagnosis. Decay and damage mechanisms. Case studies.

  • Preservation. Consolidation materials and techniques. Development of new products. Preventive conservation.

  • Repair mortars and grouts. Requirements and design. Compatibility issues. Durability and effectiveness. Adequacy of testing procedures.


Submission of abstracts: 10th December 2018
Acceptance of abstracts:  15th December 2018
Submission of full papers: 15th February 2019
Review of full papers: 15th April 2019
Submission of reviewed full papers: 10th May 2019

From Wednesday 19 June 2019
to Friday 21 June 2019
School of Sciences, University of Navarra
Pamplona, Spain

School of Sciences, University of Navarra


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