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POSTPONED – Chemistry of Cement and Concrete

Open to both graduate students at the University of Toronto, and other Ontario Universities (for graduate credit), in addition to Graduate students from Universities outside Ontario as well as Cement and Concrete Industry Professionals for a fee (see details).

Course Description

This unique and popular course has been run 6 times previously and consists of lectures covering chemistry, and physics of the following subjects:

  • Cement Manufacture
  • Phase Equilibrium & Reactions in Cement Kilns
  • Supplementary Cementing Materials
  • Crystal Chemistry of Silicates
  • Hydration of Cements
  • Chemical Admixture Effects on Hydration
  • Microstructure of Cement and Hydrates
  • Sulphate Reactions and Attack
  • Alkali-Aggregate Reactions
  • Chloride and Corrosion Reactions
  • Chemistry Related to Freezing, Scaling


Online Registration:

From Monday 11 May 2020
to Friday 15 May 2020
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada


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