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Computational Methods for Building Physics and Construction Materials - ONLINE



Course description:

The course contains in-depth lecturing on different computational methods for differential equations, numerical solution strategies, explicit and implicit discretization, finite difference method, method of lines, boundary conditions and implementation of physical processes that frequently occur in construction materials. Emphasis will be on the meso-scale level and on transport processes that are active in porous construction materials such as concrete, geopolymers, insulation materials, etc. Typical problems that will be addressed in this course will be on modelling moisture and/or reactive transport in porous media, heat transport and effect of insulation, coupled moisture - heat systems, and cement hydration kinetics. The course will provide a full solution strategy approach, so from a physical problem, to schematization and discretization, to boundary conditions evaluation, and to a computational solution.

Key topics:

  • Steady state problems – discretization and implementation in Excel
  • Transient problems – explicit & implicit heat and moisture flow – implementation in Octave/Matlab/FEM
  • Coupled systems – heat and moisture flow, discretization and implementation in Octave/Matlab/FEM
  • Particle structure formation and hydration kinetics of cementitious systems

Please note that this event has been moved online. The new dates are July 6 – 10, 2020.


From Monday 6 July 2020
to Friday 10 July 2020
TU Darmstadt
Darmstadt, Germany

TU Darmstadt

Darmstadt, Germany


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