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CONSEC24 -10th International Conference on Concrete Under Severe Conditions - Environment & Loading

The objective of CONSEC conference is to focus on the advancements in the areas related to the design, construction, testing, and preservation of various construction materials and systems when exposed to severe environmental and structural loading conditions. The earlier CONSECs were held in Japan (1995), Norway (1998), Canada (2001), South Korea (2004), France (2007), Mexico (2010), China (2013), Italy (2016), and Brazil (2019). The COVID pandemic led to a delay in planning the next CONSEC. Now, the Construction Materials Research Group at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras feels proud and privileged to organize the 10th CONSEC in Chennai, India. Also, we plan two pre‐conference workshops, two post‐conference workshops. Researchers, students, faculty, and practitioners from across the world is expected to attend and make the CONSEC24 a huge success.



  • Special cements and binders for durability
  • Alternative aggregates and their impact on durability
  • Special concretes for (ultra-) severe conditions
  • ...

Deterioration process

  • Chloride ingress, ASR, Sulphate / Acid attack
  • Carbonation of SCM based concretes
  • Corrosion of steel in concrete
  • ...

Modeling and design

  • Design concepts and methods for durability and dimensional stability
  • Sustainability impact assessment (LCA / LCCA) for the whole service life
  • ...

Testing and characterization

  • Accelerated test methods
  • Condition assessment of structures in aggressive environments
  • Forensic analysis of naturally deteriorated steel / concrete
  • ...

Repair and strengthening methods

  • Preventive maintenance of concrete structures
  • Electrochemical repair methods
  • Waterproofing & surface coatings
  • Residual life assessment
  • Strengthening techniques
  • ...

Construction techniques for severe conditions

  • Precast concrete
  • 3D printed concrete
  • Underwater construction
  • Cold weather construction
  • High-rise concrete pumping
  • ...

Important Dates


Submission of 250-word Abstract

March 31, 2024

Acceptance of Abstract

April 15, 2024

Early-Bird Registration

April 30, 2024

Submission of 4-page Extended Abstract / 8-page Full Paper

April 30, 2024

Submit application for Indian Conf. Visa, if needed

March 30, 2024

Acceptance of 4-page Extended Abstract / 8-page Full Paper (optional)

May 1, 2024

from Wednesday 25th September
to Friday 27th September 2024
Chennai, India

Chennai, India

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from Wednesday 25th September
to Friday 27th September 2024
Chennai, India
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