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First International Conference on 3-D Printing and Transportation

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The objective of this conference is to share knowledge and information on how 3-D printing in construction and manufacturing is impacting the transportation industry and then prepare for a transportation system that is ready for this transformational technology. The impacts of general 3-D printing or additive manufacturing in transportation include, but are not limited to, the following: freight movement, air transport, marine transport, rail transport, space explorations, energy efficiency and sufficiency, safety and security, sustainability, training and retraining, education and workforce development, and policies, regulations, and deregulations The subject areas covered in this conference include the following:

• Initiatives and focus on 3-D printing
• Government and private sector programs
• Concept and mechanism of 3-D printing
• 3-D printing in other industries and their potential in the transportation industry
• Construction automation and robotics
• Developments on materials as the ink for 3-D printing
• Development of large-scale 3-D printers
• Design and construction codes of practice
• Social impacts of 3-D printing (economics, safety & security, legal)
• Sustainability implications of 3-D printing
• Consumption and movement of ingredient materials vs. finished products
• Impact of 3-D Printing on freight
• Government regulations/de-regulations
• Case studies of 3-D printing
• Education and workforce development
• Path forward for 3-D printing


From Wednesday 20 November 2019
to Thursday 21 November 2019
Washington DC, USA

Washington DC, USA


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