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Global partnership for sustainable construction and resource efficiency workshop

This workshop aims at fostering international collaboration, student and staff mobility, and multidisciplinary research on the topics of sustainable construction, urbanisation, and management of local raw materials.

The workshop is open to researchers, PhD and Master students, private sector professionals, NGO representatives, and anyone interested in the sustainable built environment.

Participation in the workshop is free (registration is mandatory).

The online event is organised as part of the Erasmus+ KA107 mobility programme between Meru University of Science and Technology and the University of Padua, by the local coordinators, Joseph Mwiti Marangu ( and Luca Valentini (


  • Role of international mobility (with focus on exchange with African institutions and intra-African mobility) and global partnership in achieving Sustainable Development Goals related to the construction industry.
  • Role of multidisciplinary research (linking engineers, materials scientists, chemists, physicists, geoscientists, urbanists, architects).
  • Sustainable supply chains and circular economy in the construction industry; effect of quarrying/mining activities on the landscape and society.
  • Use of local raw materials for construction (clay, biomasses, industrial by-products).


Full video recordings are available at

Friday 16 July 2021
The event is organized online


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Friday 16 July 2021
The event is organized online
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