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Bond in Concrete 2022

Bond is one of the main prerequisites for an efficient stress transfer between reinforce-ment and concrete. In spite of large amount of research performed so far, further studies are necessary, particularly considering the in-creasing range of practical applications.
The use of high performance materials combined with the introduction of new design concepts has increased the range of bond relevant problems. On the other side, the growing need for assessment, retrofitting and strengthening of the existing structures re-quires a better understanding of the various aspects of bond performance.
The focus of the 5th Bond in Concrete conference is to connect researchers and practicing engineers and to act as a platform to discuss the recent advances in various aspects of bond in concrete. This follows the pattern of previous conferences held in Brescia (2012), Budapest (2002), Riga (1992) and Paisley (1982).
A very important aspect of the Bond in Concrete 2022 will be the new Model Code 2020. In particular, various improvements of the design and the new concept for evaluation of the existing structures introduced in Model Code 2020 will be discussed.

Conference Topics

  • General aspects of bond
  • Modelling
  • Assessment of degradation
  • Bond under severe loading conditions
  • Anchorages and laps
  • Transfer and development
  • Bond in new types of concrete or rein-forcement
  • Bond between fibers and concrete
  • MC2020 provisions for bond
  • Bond of FRPs or overlay materials
  • Bonded and headed anchors
  • Bond and detailing


Important Dates

Abstract submission is open.

  • DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS 15th, August 2021
  • ACCEPTANCE OF ABSTRACTS 30th, September 2021
  • SUBMISSION OF PAPERS Submission opens 1st, October 2021
  • DEADLINE FOR PAPERS 15th, January 2022
  • ACCEPTANCE OF PAPERS 31st, March 2022
From Monday 25 July 2022
to Wednesday 27 July 2022
University of Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 47
70569 Stuttgart, Germany

University of Stuttgart

Pfaffenwaldring 47
70569 Stuttgart, Germany


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