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Online One-day Workshop on Resilience of Concrete Construction

RILEM Online Conferences & Transfer of Knowledge (ROC&TOK) Series

23rd May 2020, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Indian Standard Time (GMT +5:30)

Organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai


  • Zoom meeting with limited (paid) participation of registered attendees
  • Free access through live streaming to the RILEM Channel of YouTube
  • Video of the Workshop will be available on the RILEM YouTube Channel


Resilience, in the context of construction and infrastructure, can be considered as the ability to withstand and mitigate the effects of adverse occurrences that may act suddenly, such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, cyclones, war and pandemics, or in a sustained or progressively increasing manner, such as in climatic changes, rising of the ocean level and increase in ambient temperature or carbon dioxide concentration. The game-changing occurrences could also include geopolitical changes, embargoes and government policies. Evolution in the face of challenges through pre-planned strategies or simple improvisation could also comprise resilience in addition to adaptation.

To say that our planet Earth is resilient maybe a cliché but clearly human beings and what we build are not resilient. Construction is most often driven by economics, market forces and consumer trends. Though we are more and more aware of the factors that could jeopardise safety or cause a product or process to be unsustainable, discussion of the need to build and strategize for resilience is far from widespread in the construction sector and the scientific community.

The workshop will be useful for post-graduate students and researchers, as well as practising engineers involved in infrastructure planning and policy.

Registration fees (only for Zoom participants): Rs. 2000 (about US$ 25); No registration fees for YouTube participants

Coordinator: Ravindra Gettu, IIT Madras (

Saturday 23 May 2020
Chennai, India


Chennai, India


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Saturday 23 May 2020
Chennai, India
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