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Resilient Materials 4 Life 2020 International Conference

This event is postponed to 20-22 September 2021. See the new key dates.

Inspired by the ongoing EPSRC-funded RM4L project, the principal aims of this conference are to bring together relevant aspects of innovative research on cementitious infrastructure materials used in civil engineering applications and to provide a forum for the exchange of materials’ research more generally. The development of novel and smart construction materials, driven by the desire to reduce the costs of their maintenance and their significant environmental impact, is attracting the attention of researchers, academics, industrialists and policy makers across the world. Construction materials with self-sensing, self-healing and self-adapting capabilities, and tailored materials such as engineered cementitious composites are just a few examples of the research areas that are of interest. Furthermore, as governments and environmental agencies introduce stricter regulations to fight climate change, the construction and infrastructure industry needs to innovate both in terms of the resilience and durability of the materials it uses and in the specification, design and construction of the infrastructure that it delivers.

The conference is intended to encompass research on innovative, intelligent and autonomous construction materials and their use in range of geotechnical, structural and construction engineering infrastructure applications. In particular, the conference will include a number of dedicated sessions on biomimetic materials that have the ability to self-sense, self-immunise, self-heal, self-repair and self-adapt.

Conference topics

• Self-healing materials
• Smart materials
• Biological and bio-inspired materials
• Adaptive and multi-functional materials
• Self-sensing and self-diagnosing materials
• Advanced manufacturing platforms for bio-inspired cement-based materials
• Use of microorganisms and synthetic biology
• Simulation of bio-inspired and smart materials
• Sensor technology (chemical and biological sensors, actuators, photonics etc)
• On-site monitoring and structural condition assessment using smart materials
• Damage identification and evaluation using smart materials
• Threshold levels and criteria for intervention
• Mechanics of composite and multifunctional materials
• Use of time, rate and stimuli-dependent materials
• Novel nano-materials and nano-structures

Key Dates


Conference proceedings are available at

From Monday 20 September 2021
to Wednesday 22 September 2021
The event is organized online


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From Monday 20 September 2021
to Wednesday 22 September 2021
The event is organized online
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