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RILEM-Neville Centre-Institute of Concrete Technology specialised short course: Multi-scale Cracking of Concrete Materials

Course overview

What you will learn? The course summarises the topic of cracking through the use of six headings. Initially, it will concentrate on the analysis of the crack shape, profile and width at different ages – this is directly related to the new RILEM technical committee TC 287 - CCS - Early age and long-term crack width analysis in RC Structures. This is fundamental to understand the link between cracking, durability and ultimate structural performance. Whilst considering the cracks at the different scales the course will also look at how the crack forms and how we can improve our control of these cracks at the micro- and the macro-scale in order to improve durability and structural performance. Continuing, the course will provide guidance on the repair of cracks and how, if done correctly and at the appropriate time a strategy of repairing cracks that have been allowed to form, rather than trying to reduce / better control the cracks, will be discussed as a potentially more appropriate way forward to deal with some forms of cracking. Finally, the concept of self-healing cracks and an update of the current state of this technology will be presented.

How will I benefit?

The course will provide the opportunity for attendees to gain in-depth cutting-edge knowledge of structural (load induced) and non-structural (imposed strain) cracking in concrete - from the initial formation of cracks at the nano/micro level, all the way through to the repair of cracks. The course aims to emphasise the material / structural behaviour interaction, e.g., how the quality of the material and its treatment influences and potentially controls / enhances the development of cracking, which in turn effects the structural behaviour of reinforced concrete. In doing so, the course will highlight the development of cracks and how they are influenced and themselves influence, at a multi-scale. This is also an excellent opportunity to hear from many of the leading concrete research bodies within the EU (RILEM TC, fib MC2020, ConCrack, SARCOS)

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From Monday 11 October 2021
to Wednesday 13 October 2021


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From Monday 11 October 2021
to Wednesday 13 October 2021
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