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Towards the next generation of sustainable masonry systems: Mortars, renders, plasters and other challenges

The SUBLime Conference on the next generation of sustainable masonry systems will be held on 11 and 12 November 2024.

SUBLime (Sustainable Building Lime Applications via Circular Economy and Biomimetic Approaches) aims to train researchers in multiple scientific and engineering fields for a better understanding and development of sustainable innovation solutions for mortars, renders and plasters in new construction and conservation of the built heritage.

This conference will be a key platform for dissemination of the SUBLime’s results, and everyone is invited to participate. This is also a great opportunity to discuss and share on-going research on sustainable masonry systems and other challenges.

Conference topics

This conference focuses on a wide variety of topics that contribute towards a more sustainable future in the world of masonry construction systems (both load-bearing and non-load-bearing). The following sub-topics have been identified:

  • Mortars: fresh properties, hardened properties and delayed effects.
  • New testing techniques: from material level to structural level.
  • Lime-cement blended mortars for masonry.
  • New mortar solutions towards improved performance.
  • Performance-based design of masonry mortars and masonry systems.
  • Self-healing in mortar/masonry systems.
  • Innovative solutions for service life enhancement in masonry systems.
  • Circularity in masonry components.
  • Life-cycle analysis of raw materials and systems.
  • Numerical simulation of mortar and masonry systems: multi-physics and multi-scale approaches.
  • Resistance to earthquakes and extreme events.
  • Climate change and adaptation.
  • Conservation, repair and strengthening of the built heritage.
  • Prefabrication and modular construction.
  • Robotics and digitalization in masonry.
  • Inspection, maintenance, operation.
  • Digital twins and BIM.
  • Case studies of practical design/construction.
  • Codes and standards.

Special sessions

Dates and Submission

from Monday 11th November
to Tuesday 12th November 2024
Hotel Pestana Casino Park
Funchal, Portugal

Hotel Pestana Casino Park

Funchal, Portugal

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from Monday 11th November
to Tuesday 12th November 2024
Hotel Pestana Casino Park
Funchal, Portugal
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