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Co-sponsorship of a conference

Are you looking to make your scientific event stand out and reach a wider audience? Look no further than RILEM, the association dedicated to advancing construction sciences, techniques, and industries.  

With our commitment to facilitating communication between research and practice, we offer you an attractive package for your event that includes:

  • Promotion of your event through our newsletter, social media, and website to ensure maximum exposure and engagement.
  • The RILEM Award, which grants a one-year free membership for the best papers (awardees must be under 35) and the best paper awardee has the opportunity to submit a paper to RILEM Technical Letters.
  • Two options for publishing your volume as part of the RILEM Proceedings, including through Springer or RILEM Publications. Both options guarantee a copyright-protected volume containing reviewed papers.
  • Guidance and assistance in organizing your conference, workshop, or seminar, using our comprehensive checklist to ensure a seamless event.

Our international network of experts allows you to reach potential specialized speakers and attendees worldwide, giving you maximum visibility for your event.

To get started, contact the RILEM Secretariat General for more information and assistance. With RILEM's support, your scientific event is sure to be a success. Let's work together to push the boundaries of construction sciences and make a real impact!

We offer you to publish the proceedings of your scientific event for two types of events:

  • RILEM conferences or workshops proposed by one of the RILEM technical committees
  • Events co-sponsored by RILEM

In order to facilitate the organization of your event, we would advise you to have a look at the General Rules which apply.

On an international scale, reach potential specialised speakers and attendees through our network of best experts: wider visibility with RILEM!

Feel free to contact RILEM Secretariat General in order to get more information and assistance.

Co-sponsorship form (Annex: General Rules)

Co-sponsorship of a course

A RILEM member may propose an educational activity to be sponsored by RILEM EAC by submitting a proposal to the RILEM EAC chair or secretary. The sponsorship is a scientific sponsorship, i.e. it is an acknowledgement of the educational qualities of the event but it does not involve financial support from RILEM.

Activities that RILEM EAC sponsor include in particular Doctoral courses and short seminars for the profession (practicing engineers), and Educational publications (including text books). Information about some past activities are given below. Upcoming educational events can be found on the calendar.

In addition to a number of single events RILEM is scientifically sponsoring several doctoral course series. These typically have one occurrence per year which will be announced in this calendar when the dates are fixed. 

Course co-sponsorship form