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Event submission

RILEM is dedicated to contribute to the progress in the construction sciences, techniques and industries, essentially by means of facilitating communication between research and practice. If the event you have in mind is within the scope of the activities of RILEM, we can offer you an attractive package:

  • Promotion of your event through RILEM News. Our news are published at thus making any information available to the public. Our website will also relay and notify important information and deadlines regarding your event.
  • Guidance for assisting you in the organization of a conference, workshop or seminar (see checklist).
  • There are two different options in publishing your volume as part of the RILEM proceedings   

In both options, the proceedings will be printed as a volume within the series of RILEM proceedings, containing reviewed papers protected by copyright.

We offer you to publish the proceedings of your scientific event for two types of events:

  • RILEM conferences or workshops proposed by one of the RILEM technical committees
  • Events co-sponsored by RILEM

In order to facilitate the organization of your event, we would advise you to have a look at the General Rules which apply.

On an international scale, reach potential specialised speakers and attendees through our network of best experts: wider visibility with RILEM!

Feel free to contact RILEM Secretariat General in order to get more information and assistance.

Co-sponsorship form (Annex: General Rules)