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GLOBE Consensus Support



GLOBE is supported by :


  • ALCONPAT Internacional, Carmen Andrade, President, Mexico

"ALCONPAT International is committed to support the creation and dissemination of knowledge that could contribute to a better sustainability of constructions

  • European Association for Construction Repair, reinforcement, and Protection (ACRP), Jose Blanco, ACRP Steering Committee Coordinator, Europe

“Our association fully supports GLOBE's call for attention to emphasize the relevance of sustainability, especially in the built environment as well as the proper maintenance of existing infrastructures.”

  • European Demolition Association (EDA), Jose Blanco, EDA Secretary General, Spain

“EDA agrees on the importance of working towards a built environment based on principles of sustainability and a circular economy model. That is why we find the GLOBE initiative so relevant and we join in this commitment.” 

  • International Forum on Engineering Decision Making, Mark Stewart, President, Australia
  • Concrete Quality SLU, Juan Manuel Pereira, Managing Director, España
  • A, Jansen B.V., Han Heijsters, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, The Netherlands

"As the production of building materials and buildings during there life time are responsible for a large part of the total global CO2 emissions and the use of natural resources, its our duty to look after design and production.  At A. Jansen concrete we promote the production of concrete with a maximum of secondary raw materials and binders with a minimum environmental impact, this depending on the required performance. So the global consensus on suistainability is logical consequense."

  • PANTHEON PERFORMANCE FOUNDATIONBoudewijn PISCAER, Board Member, The Netherlands

"Since 1998 actively involved in lowering environmental impact of civil concrete, based on technology and approach from refractory concrete." 

  • Concrete Quality SLU, Juan Manuel Pereira, Managing Director, España
  • IC - Instituto da Construção (FEUP), Humberto Varum, Director, Portugal
  • Minho University, José António Silva de Carvalho Campos e Matos, Professor, Portugal
  • Schleibinger Geräte Teubert u. Greim GmbH, Markus Greim, CEO / Geschäftsführer, Germany

"Wir sind auf der Erde nur Gäste, wir können sie nicht kaufen!”                  

  • Zeobond Pty Ltd, Jannie Stephanus van Deventer, Director, Australia

“The construction industry has been talking the language of sustainability for some time, but it has been reluctant to make fundamental changes to its practices in addressing climate impact in a meaningful way.”

  • Saudi Aramco, Thibault Villette, Research scientist, Saudi Arabia

“Globe seems to have common interest and target with Saudi Aramco. The goal of attending the event is to better identify overlap.” 

  • CESMA Consulting Engineers, Peter Tanner, Co-Founder, Partner, Senior structural engineer, Spain

“Now that even some of the world's most reluctant economies are announcing ambitious decarbonization initiatives, it is time for construction stakeholders to take their responsibility to contribute to sustainable development.”                          

  • Delft University of Technology, Erik Schlangen, Professor of Construction Materials,  The Netherlands

“Make Construction Materials Great Again”

  • University of the West of Scotland, John Hughes, Reader, United Kingdom

“We fully support the aims of the declaration and seek to embed sustainability in our educational provision and our research.” 

  • Society of Cement and Concrete Researchers, Kolawole Adisa Olonade, Nigeria

“It is a welcome idea”

  • University, Ile–Ife, Akindehinde Ayotunde Akindahunsi Obafemi Awolowo, Lecturing, Osun-State, Nigeria        

"The need to reorder the way constructions are made in the built environment to make them sustainable calls for rethinking and reinventing the way construction materials are made and used. The need to investigate what materials can mitigate the effect of climate change and how or to what extent can such materials be used is very important. Policies that would positively impact the use of such materials need to be made hence, engagement of researchers with policy makers in different countries will play significant roles in the production and use of materials that are durable and economically viable thus making the built environment sustainable."


Michael Havbro Faber, Professor, Aalborg University, Department of the Built Environment, Denmark

Wolfram Schmidt, Senior Researcher, Bundesanstalt fur Materialforschung und -prufung, Germany

"Sustainability is one of the most critical challenges the global community faces as it addresses not less than the question, which future we want to pass on to the next generations. With increasing urbanisation and construction demand and more and more limited resources, the construction industry and the profession of civil engineers become the most relevant drivers for positive socio-economical and environmental developments and more sustainable processes. Nevertheless, most actors are not even aware of their individual role and responsibility in this challenge. Therefore, the GLOBE consensus is a milestone, which addresses all actors in the entire built environment directly and encourages them to become change drivers towards a better future perspective."

Johan Vyncke, General Advisor, BBRI, Belgium

Kolawole Adisa Olonade, Research, Senior Lecturer, University of Lagos Academic, Nigeria

"It expected that the declaration will guide the stakeholders towards green environment. "

Shizhe Zhang, PhD researcher, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

"I am willing to do my part by contributing to the sustainable dvelopment of green construction materials."

Giovanni Luca Pesce, Associate Professor, Northumbia University, United Kingdom

"My academic research has been focused on the development of sustainable building materials since 2002."

Zhidong Zhang, Lecturer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

"Fight to reduce CO2 release and slow down the global warming."

Solomon Adomako, PhD Researcher, University of Agder, Norway

Francis Lenz, Fritze & Co. Eisenbahnbau, GmbH Construction Management, Germany

Hakeem Adesoji Sanni, Chief Lecturer, Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun state, Nigeria

"We all have a collective responsibility to make the built environment better."

Paulina Faria Nova, Associate Professor, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Karen Louise Scrivener, Professor, EPFL, Switzerland

"Global warming is the major challenge facing humanity everything must be done to lower emissions and the built environments represents a major part of embodied CO2."

Shirin Fataei, Scientific researcher, TU Dresden, Germany     

“The environmental issues will not be resolved if we all assume that someone else will take care of them! Either WE save our planet, or we find a way to settle 8 billion people on Mars. Now, don't you think it's easier to do our part, reduce our share of global CO2 emission and come up with more sustainable lifestyle?”     

Vanderley Moacyr John, Professor of Building Materials and Components, Polytechnic School, University of São-Paulo, Brazil 

"Construction in general, and buildings in particular, are responsible for quality of life. However, designed and build with current technology they have a very large environmental impact over their service life. We can and must act to change it. Reduce the resource intensity of buildings".

Nicolas Roussel, Research director, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

"For the first time, international associations of scientific and technical experts have managed to collectively build a shared strategic vision of the needs of our society in terms of construction and the environment and the associated research needs."

Liberato Ferrara, Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Italy          

Elsa Garavaglia, Associate Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Italy   

Ueli Angst, Professor, ETH Zurich, Switzerland   

“We need to stop global warming. The scientific challenge I am addressing is to ensure the longevity and durability of new materials and structures in their actual service exposure environments”     

Gintaris Kaklauskas, Professor, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania

“Yes, I support GLOBE. Joint efforts are needed for sustainable development of the built environment.”

Jens Peder Ulfkjær, Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark      

“The building industry contributes with 40 of global co2 emissions - this can be changed with better engineering practise, but also by better and stronger education based on sound physical principals.”       

Nilufer Ozyurt, Professor of Civil Engineering, Zihnioglu Bogazici University Academic, Turkey

“I am a Professor and researcher who specializes on construction materials and I truly believe that urgent actions should be taken to decrease the damage we give the earth by our unconscious actions.”     

Claire White, Associate Professor, Princeton University, United States          

Kamilla Vasconcelos, Professor, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Nonkululeko Winnie Radebe, Student, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

“The declaration condenses very well the common goals and achievements that are needed to obtain sustainable development. As a young scientist, I too am a stakeholder and I am committed to these outlooks and think this is a good step forward.”

Roman Jaskulski, Assistant Professor, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Rama Ballav Swain, Retired Engineer-in-Chief (Civil), previously working as Engineer-in-Chief (Civil) in Government of Odisha, India

“The whole world is going through a critical phase of this danger , which ,every individual has to raise his/her voice to reduce the outburst of Greenhouse gases to an optimal level for survival of not self or one's family, but the whole world as a whole. I am really surprised to see that a very few countries are taking this impending danger to this societies seriously and have initiation of regulations. But the real problem is there with proper execution schedule. The authorities in various countries have least botheration towards this. In my view, all individuals need to be enlightened  about this grave situation irrespective their age, social position and place/ country of birth and current living and start implementing this only program with much seriousness with a time frame, before it is too late.”

Ahmed Abdalqader, KTP Associate, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

Ante Mihanović, Professor emeritus, University of Split, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy, Croatia

Eric Nichols Landis, Professor, University of Maine, USA         

“A truly global effort is needed if we are to survive.”

Carmen Andrade, Visiting Research Professor, CIMNE, España         

“I am a member of JCSS and of ALCONPAT. I am very much convinced of this very good initiative.”                          

Véronique Raphaëlle Rackel, Lecturer, The University of Melbourne, Australia

“I've been working on making concrete more sustainable and durable for 10 years now. I'm motivated by GLOBE as an organized consensus of researcher working on sustainable solutions in constructions might help the widespread of the sustainable technologies"                            

Beatriz Menendez, Maître de conferences, CY Cergy Paris Université, France    

“I'm very concerned by the ecological impact of buildings and in particular those of vernacular cultural heritage. Conservation and improvement of energetic efficiency of this kind of building will have significant impact on rural (and not only) housing footprint.”  

Alastair Marsh, Research Fellow, University of Leeds, United Kingdom       

Di Wang, Postdoc Researcher, TU Braunschweig, Germany         

Hisham Hafez, Hand Over Technical Partner, Egypt               

Alexander Mezhov, Researcher, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Germany                                         

Vyacheslav R. Falikman, 1-st vice-president, Structural Concrete Association, Russia

Humberto Varum, Full Professor, University of Porto - Faculty of Engineering, Portugal    

“The huge impact of our activities, as Civil Engineers, in the design, construction and management of the built environment.”         

Gabriele Tebaldi, Professor, University of Parma, Italy 

Luca Valentini, University of Padua, Assistant Professor, Italy   

Prannoy Suraneni, University of Miami, Assistant Professor, United States                

Ioannis Ioannou, Associate Professor, University of Cyprus, Cyprus                  

Antonis Kanellopoulos, Head of Civil Engineering & Built Environment, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

“I have a strong interest on sustainable construction”                            

Krishna R R N, Sole Proprietor, KC Contech, India

“A noble effort from RILEM to address sustainability issues and advise stakeholders.”   

Bruno Huet, Research Engineer, LafargeHolcim, France                     

Humphrey Danso, Senior Lecturer, University of Education Winneba, Ghana           

Roel Schipper, Lecturer / Researcher, TU Delft, Netherlands  

“I'm dedicated to teaching students sustainable design methods.” 

José Roberto Tenório, PhD student, Ghent University, Belgium        

John Provis, Professor, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom                           

Gregor J.G. Gluth, Senior Researcher, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Germany

“I fully agree with the idea that materials scientists and structural engineers must work closely together to create a sustainable built environment; this will hopefully turn out to be much more impactful than each field working in separation.”  

Jan Valentin, Deputy Head, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Rod Structures, Czech Republic

“If the scientific community is coming together to truly support and motivate for changes related to the future we are creating, so we can secure the quality of our lives and biodiversity of the nature surrounding us, such initiative shall be supported. Additionally, issues related to recycling and sustainability in transport structures are very close to research and activities I am doing for many years.”       

Sagrario Martínez-Ramírez, Tenured Scientist, CSIC, Spain                      

Gyanendra Kumar Attri, Research Scholar, MNIT, India         

“I am the strong supporter of GLOBE as its need of the hour to our survival.”          

Myriam Carcasses, Professor, Toulouse Paul Sabatier University, France 

Folker Helfrid Wittmann, Professor, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

"There is a need to act, while to many colleagues just speak and discuss Sustainability must be integrated in university teaching. Less discussions and more actions!"                

Aires Camões, Professor, University of Minho, Portugal                              

J IVAN Escalante-Garcia, Research Scientist, Cinvestav, México

“Sustainability is the foundation for mankind survival.”                                           

Ruby Mejia De Gutierrez, Professor and Researcher, Universidad Del Valle, Colombia

“Sustainable development is important on a global and local scale. The construction industry consumes excessive natural resources, and energy also generates CO2 emissions. It also contributes large volumes of construction and demolition waste, most of which are not used. It is time for all of us to work on the search for eco-sustainable materials and waste-use alternatives under the concepts of the circular economy thus providing a sustainable built environment."

Laurent Porot, Development Manager, Kraton Market, The Netherlands  

“Being involved in environmental assessments of asphalt materials for infrastructure, I am supportive for a holistic approach to address and take into account environmental impacts on whole life cycle basis in construction.” 

Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga, Université de Nantes, Associate Professor, France     

“I fully agree with the statements of this consensus on the sustainability of Built Environment”

Luc Courard, Full Professor, University of Liège, Belgium                                         

Miguel  Azenha, University of Minho, Assistant Professor, Portugal   

“A very timely and relevant initiative. Definitely worth supporting!”            

Jesus Rodriguez Sanchez, Principal Technical Leader on Geopolymers, Lucideon Ltd., United Kingdom                          

Sandrine Marceau, Research Fellow, Université Gustave Eiffel, France           

Ana María Fernández, Researcher, Instituto Ciencias de la Construccion Eduardo Torroja (IETcc-CSIC), Spain             

Jorgen Hangel, Asc. Professor, Aarhus University,Danemark                     

Johan V. Retief, Stellenbosch University, Emeritus Professor, South Africa

“Professionally and personally I am dutybound to support the Global Consensus”

Freek Bos, Eindhoven University of Technology, Assistant Professor, The Netherlands

“Construction industry is a major contributor to global sustainability problems, including CO2 emissions and material depletion. We should endeavor to minimize this impact, whilst simultaneously (and this is the enormous challenge before us) meeting the needs of new and refurbished construction around the globe.”

João André, Research Officer Portuguese National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC), Portugal

“This declaration sets out important aspirational objectives for the mid-term future of the construction sector to boost its contribution to reduce the global C02 emissions. This is a task that needs to be embraced and put in to action by every stakeholder. Foster funding for adapting existing housing to climate-change objectives. Introduce the use of greener materials in design codes.”          

Juan Pablo Gevaudan, Affiliate Architectural Engineering Professor, Pennsylvania State University, United States

“Extend the sustainability and durability of low-CO2 concrete”

Adeyemi Adesina, Research associate, University of Windsor, Canada                          

Özlem Cizer, KU Leuven, Associate professor, Belgium                                           

Sergio Hampshire De Carvalho Santos, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Professor, Brazil      

“I firmly support the declaration”                                                                           

Esperanza Menéndez, Head of the Physic-chemical Test Unit, Institute Eduardo Torroja of Construction Science (CSIC), Spain       

“I am an expert of the Bureau of RILEM, member of fib, Co-opted of the Spanish Delegation of ICOLD. And these initiatives are very interesting.”                                    

Pedro Castro-Borges, Researcher, Cinvestav del IPN Unidad Mérida, México

Wojciech Szymkuc, Poznan University of Technology, Research Assistant, Poland

Karla Hornbostel, Senior Engineer, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway

Miguel-Ángel Climent, Professor, University of Alicante, Spain

“Fully supporting the Globe initiative.”

Albrecht Lentz, Head of Section, Risk Analysis, COWI, Denmark

“As a professional within civil engineering, I feel we have a moral obligation to reduce the climate impact of the construction industry, which is one of the main global emitters of greenhouse gases.” 

Gaone Koma, PhD student, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Elisabete Trindade Pedrosa, Postdoc, University of Bremen, Germany      

“I am highly interested in the development of more sustainable construction materials by studying the reactions occurring at the molecular to nanoscale, aiming at a better understanding of cement and supplementary cementitious materials hydration mechanisms.”       

Cassandre Le Galliard, PhD researcher, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom                 

Zeynep Basaran Bundur, Assistant Professor, Ozyegin University, Turkey     

“I strongly support zero carbon construction industry and innovation towards sustainable and resilient development.”                                                   

Eugenio Onate, Professor of Structural mechanics, International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering, University Politécnica Catalunya, Spain

Miroslav Sykora, Researcher, Czech Technical University, Klokner Institute, Czech Republic

“I would like to support the idea that codes for structural design need to be developed/revised in a different way.” 

Jochen Köhler, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway 

“To enhance sustainability of the built environment, we need cross-disciplinary research and innovation addressing corresponding technological challenges. But it is similar important to transfer the accomplishments swiftly to the educational and regulatory sector.”

Emmanuel Timothy Owoya, Civil Engineer Peng, UWP Consulting, Tanzania

"I have read and understand aim of this declaration, through my understanding signing and accepting this declaration will help to save environment and protect the ozone layer due of different activities happens now in construction Industries. Production of buildings material eg Cement and Steel became more CO2 producers in the world. Construction activities and deterioration of environments had made a lot of change especially Global Warming.” 

Deepankar Kumar Ashish, Associate Professor, Maharaja Agrasen University, India

“It is necessary to close the gap between research and practical sustainability applications and the same is my motivation.Every worthy initiative should be made to give a platform to organizations and individuals performing in the field of sustainability and research.”

Břetislav Teplý, Senior Researcher, BUT Brno, Czech Republic

“Quantification of sustainability will be an important and necessary tool.”

Maria Pina Limongelli, Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Fernando Martirena, Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de las Villas, Professor, Cuba

"A needed endeavor.” 

Sivakumar Palaniappan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Associate Professor, India

Kolawole Olonade, Academic, University of Lagos, Nigeria         

“This consensus is long overdue.”

Daniela Ciancio, Engineering Consultant, Daniela Ciancio consultancy, Italy    

“Great initiative!”    

Sushil Kumar, Research Staff, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong    

“Construction industry is very behind in terms of implementing the new sustainable methods and technology. A bigger level consensus and awareness is required, I believe, GLOBE will be providing a platform for the same.”

Mohammed Sonebi, Associate Prof., Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

“Reduction of carbon foot print is a top priority for the climate emergency and should be a mindset for all of us, as we have only one planet A, no B.”

Jean Michel Torrenti, Director of the Department of Materials and Structure, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

“It is urgent to evolve on this topic!”

Asko Fromm, Professor, Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Isabel Martins,  Assistant Researcher, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering), Portugal        

“I welcome the GLOBE initiative: the sustainability of the built environment calls for global, coherent and concerted actions to be implemented.”

Rahul Dandautiya, Assistant Professor, Atria Institute of Technology, India

"As a Civil and Environmental Engineer, this is first and far most important to sustain the development and same time maintain resources. Major challenge is to get alternate binding building material. Many affords are going on in the world, but 100 % replacement is a challenge."

Folker Helfrid WITTMANN, Professor emeritus, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), Schweiz        

"Sustainability in the field of construction has been neglected essentially in the past. Now it is time to take sustainability into consideration. In classical design of structures sustainability has to be taken into consideration"

Jesse Goh, Regional Development Manager, MC Bauchemie GmbH, Singapore     

"Sustainability is a global objective that begins with every individual commitment. Less man made and more natural products for construction."

Julia von Werder, Senior Researcher, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Deutschland

"I promised my three children to help making the world more sustainable and I am convinced that the building sector can make a difference!" 

Mohd Sabri Bin Hasim, Sole Proprietor, Pavement Specialist Consulting, Malaysia

"Green and Sustainable Technologies guarantee pleasant living."