DAC - Development Advisory Committee

Within DAC (Development Advisory Committee), the development of RILEM is discussed. DAC advises the Bureau on international development, activities and relations. This involves:

  • Proposal of improvements of the management of RILEM and its development, with special focus on international relations
  • Development of new initiatives and new activities for a continuous and improved promotion of RILEM activities worldwide, in cooperation with TAC and EAC
  • Continuous evaluation of the international outreach of RILEM by monitoring appropriate Indicators, including indicators related to regional groups, national groups, and International Partners.

Proposals are made to Bureau, for further discussion and approval. At this moment, ten different regions are considered:

    1. Sub-Saharan Africa
    2. Latin America
    3. North-America & Caribbean
    4. East-Asia
    5. China
    6. Middle-East & North-Africa
    7. South-Asia
    8. Pacific
    9. East-Europe & Central-Asia
    10. Europe

For each of these regions, a Regional Convener is appointed, who has to monitor the activities in the region of concern, including the existing Regional Groups (CHN-RILEM, CIS-RILEM and Lat-RILEM) and National Groups (JPN-RILEM), the activities of the National Conveners (NCs), and the relation with International Partners.

DAC members can be found here.