Set-up a TC

Basic  documents:
New TC proposal (TAC-N10) - TC Chairs (SG-N21) 

National Delegates, Titular and Industrial members, and RILEM Cluster Conveners are entitled to present a new RILEM Technical Committee (TC) proposal.

An application form (TAC-N10) is filled and signed by the proposed TC Chairman, who has to be a RILEM Senior Member. This form is sent to RILEM Secretariat General, either by the proposed Chairman (in case he is working in a RILEM Titular or Industrial Member), or through the National Delegate for his country (in case the Institute or company of the proposed Chairman is not a RILEM Titular or Industrial Member), or through the Cluster’s Convener in charge of the main thematic activity covered by the TC proposal.

The 6 fields of activities currently treated by active RILEM TCs are:

  • Cluster A. Material Processing and Characterization (Convener: Barzin Mobasher)
  • Cluster B. Transport and Deterioration Mechanisms (Convener: Esperanza Menéndez Méndez)
  • Cluster C. Structural Performance and Design (Convener: Takafumi Noguchi)
  • Cluster D. Service Life and Environmental Impact Assessment (Convener: Alexandra Bertron)
  • Cluster E. Masonry, Timber and Cultural Heritage (Convener: Robert Flatt)
  • Cluster F: Bituminous Materials and Polymers (Convener: Hervé Di Benedetto)

Each future TC Chairman should clearly identify the final user of the work to be done by the proposed TC.

This proposal is sent by RILEM Secretariat General to each TAC member, for comments and discussion during the RILEM March or September meetings. If needed, a revised proposal will be drafted by the proposed TC Chairman to fulfil the TAC and clusters recommendations.

After recommendation by the TAC and approval by the RILEM Bureau, which verifies that the terms of reference of the proposed TC fit into the technical programme of RILEM, the RILEM TC is created (possible creation in less than 6 months, in case the proposal is accepted without modifications).